Track safety incidents

Proactively monitor and record safety incidents so you can mitigate risk and foster a safe workplace culture.

Our WHS software captures the data that matters to help your organisation identify patterns and trends in safety incidents and improve risk management and compliance for your operations.

Take a proactive approach to safety with the confidence that you are protecting your people.

Our difference

Over 20 years’ experience

On some of the most complex, remote, and fast-paced operations in the world, INX Software is keeping businesses moving, addressing real-world challenges through intuitive and intelligent design.

Highly configurable products

Highly configurable products

Our safety solutions can adapt to your operations to keep your safety program in check and provide insights into safety-related data and activities.

Single source of truth

Single source of truth

By centralising all reported data into one system, you can provide complete visibility for management and regulatory professionals to access, review and analyse safety data.

Clear trail to problem areas

Clear trail to problem areas

Gain insight into problem areas with instant oversight of your HSEQ data. Immediately report and analyse data from anywhere at any tie.

Focus on what matters

Focus on what matters

With an effective platform in place, your operations can focus on creating new policies and processes to reduce risks and mitigate incidents.

Our Solutions

INX InControl

Protect your people by capturing all safety-related data and activities

  • Navigate safety and risk challenges in a highly configurable single source of truth
  • Create and capture any incident, injury, audit and any other event types
  • Receive real-time safety information across multiple projects
  • Track, monitor and complete routine checks
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