FIFO logistics

Navigate the complexities of coordinating travel arrangements, accommodation bookings, and itineraries for a remote workforce.

Our intelligent workforce management software keeps large, complex and remote workforces moving, with thousands of workers being safely mobilised to and from remote sites around the world.

This massive operation requires precise scheduling and oversight, to ensure that every worker gets where they need to be, at the right time, and can be welcomed with the right amenities when they arrive.

Our difference

Over 20 years’ experience

On some of the most complex, remote, and fast-paced operations in the world, INX Software is keeping businesses moving, addressing real-world challenges through intuitive and intelligent design.

Highly configurable products

Highly configurable products

Our workforce management solutions can adapt to your operations, ensuring your entire workforce knows when they are heading to site, how they are travelling, and that they will have clean and ready rooms on arrival.

Scales as your workforce grows

Scales as your workforce grows

As your workforce grows by hundreds, maybe even thousands, we have scalable solutions that can grow with you.

Centralise and improve your processes

Centralise and improve your processes

Our highly automated and configurable solutions ensure your remote operations are resilient, by simplifying the planning and forecasting of rosters, flights, accommodation and cleaning processes.

Our Solutions

INX InFlight

The bird's eye view of your remote workforce

  • Simplify and centralise administration of workforce management
  • Manage your roster, flight and accommodation requirements
  • Manage bookings, cleaning rosters and check your workers in or out online
  • Streamline how you communicate updates to your workforce
  • Manage multi-leg journeys
  • Trusted by Australia’s biggest resources companies


Resilient, remote operations

  • Centralise workforce management in an enterprise-level solution
  • Configure to your travel and site accommodation processes and needs
  • Manage multiple sites and leverage a range of API integrations, including corporate travel businesses
  • Highly automated using workflows and auditing processes
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