Staff Onboarding

Seamlessly integrate new hires and get your team site-ready.

Providing robust training and onboarding processes to support your organisational safety and compliance priorities. Our staff onboarding software reduces the time and resources needed to onboard employees and contractors into your workforce.

Our difference

Single source of truth

Capture competencies, certifications and documents in a centralised system to give you peace of mind that your workforce can tackle tasks and challenges effectively.

Tailor to your operation’s requirements

Tailor to your operation’s requirements

Make training, upskilling and mobilising your workforce simple by delivering meaningful, interactive content.

Digitise business processes

Digitise business processes

Equip your workforce with the tools and knowledge they need to work safely in large, complex, remote and fast-paced environments.

Our Solutions

INX Sitepass

The smartest way to manage the risk, compliance and safety of your entire workforce

  • Access a comprehensive overview of your full workforce in one simple app
  • Locate your workforce at every stage of their journey
  • Verify and track important records to boost compliance
  • Broadcast communications across teams and sites

INX InTuition

Build a compliant, accountable workforce

  • Simplify course management to ensure workforce compliance
  • Schedule training events and monitor employee competency
  • Capture all role and training requirements enabling auto enrolments
  • Create and categorise all procedures into a library
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