Track soil and air quality

Meet growing demands for accountability and reporting on ESG and sustainable performance.

The growing emphasis on sustainability, along with progressively intricate environmental regulations, has raised the importance of prioritising environmental performance and responsible stewardship.

Give your organisation a comprehensive understanding of their environmental obligations, the ability to effectively monitor and track ESG performance, and the means to make informed decisions.

Protect your piece of the planet with our environmental monitoring solution, INX Preserve.

Our difference

Over 20 years’ experience

On some of the most complex, remote, and fast-paced operations in the world, INX Software is keeping businesses moving, addressing real-world challenges through intuitive and intelligent design.

Deep industry insight

Deep industry insight

We work in partnership with environmental advisers and industry experts to deliver a solution that provides transformative data and clarity on ESG performance.

Comprehensive data and reporting

Comprehensive data and reporting

Get the game-changing clarity needed to protect your company’s reputation and the planet with software that helps you monitor, track and predict environmental impact.

Safe, security, cloud-powered

Safe, security, cloud-powered

Access enhanced security through a modern, scalable platform. In partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), our environmental solution is available around the world at any time, allowing new product updates and enhancements in near real-time.

Our Solutions

INX Preserve

For your piece of the planet

  • Monitor, track and report on environmental impact
  • Gain transformative data and clarity on ESG reporting
  • Model field sampling and laboratory analysis processes
  • Benchmark performance and protect your reputation
  • Designed in partnership with environmental experts
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