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22 Sep 2023

New SAM and Workflow improvements and fixes

V 6.3.39

Available from 22 September 2023




Search for workflow users faster

You can now experience improved loading times when searching for workflow users in Workflow.

No longer see transports on a rescheduled request in SAM

When a Folio Pro user submits a reschedule request in Workflow, they will no longer see transports on a rescheduled request when they do not exist in SAM.

Three new parameters in SAM

We have made further improvements to the parameter CleanUpExpiredGroupBookingMode in SAM, which has now been split into three parameters:

  • This will allow separate configuration for the night audit’s behaviour around Event Management Events and Group bookings to enable the clean-up to be completed on either the start date and/or the end date of a group booking.
  • A new checkbox has been created within a Group Booking to allow the user to individually override the clean-up for that single group booking. The checkbox is named “Do not remove Group booking on the date out” and by selecting this checkbox, it will override the parameter “CleanUpExpiredEndDateGroupBookingMode” set to the Remove value. This means that group booking will not be removed from the system, even if you have the parameter set to Remove.
  • Event Management now has its own parameter.

The new parameters are:

  1. CleanUpExpiredEventMode
  2. CleanUpExpiredEndDateGroupBookingMode
  3. CleanUpExpiredStartDateGroupBookingMode

For further information please contact our Support team.




Sequence numbers appear in Manage Booking Sequence

Sequence numbers now appear as expected on the Manage Booking Sequence page in SAM.

Auto fill working in Workflow as expected

When a Workflow user has auto fill enabled on their browser while in the traveller’s detail tab, they were able to incorrectly update the following fields – first name, surname, phone, email.

Past and future bookings retained in SAM

While using the commercial flight functionality in Folio, we have applied a fix so past and future bookings are no longer removed in SAM once a document was completed.

Workflow requestors can submit a reschdule for a day trip

A Workflow requestor was unable to submit a reschedule for a day trip on a Folio document, which now works as expected.

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