August 16, 2018

Here’s how Intesafety Drives Good Safety Management Practices

Do businesses really understand the benefits of good health and safety management practices in the workplace? At Intesafety, we have the privilege of representing and supporting many businesses daily as their workplace safety partner.
We are very fortunate that we get to learn about the different types of businesses we operate in, the many risks involved, engage with its workers and coach its leaders. But most of all, we get to work together and overlay our safety management expertise in a way that fits our clients’ business – so it can reach its primary goals: keep people safe, ensure the business is viable and set out to deliver what’s it’s there to achieve.
It’s pleasing that many businesses we work with see workplace safety as more than just a compliance risk. They have moved beyond this ‘compliance culture’ and instead see it as a way of life – it’s just the way we do business.
After all, what is greater than protecting and caring for your workers and others who could be impacted from the business’s activities?
However, in our collective experience as Health and Safety Management professionals we have certainly seen our fair share of leaders and workers who don’t value safety. We believe in it being our duty to intervene here and set the record straight as to why it is so important.
On these occasions, the underlying question is:
How many workplaces really understand what safety management is?
Do they understand how it can be not just the law – but it can be the greatest aspect for their business?
The development of safe systems of work and a proactive safety culture provide benefits for the worker and employer alike. A poor culture can lead to weaknesses in the system and behaviours of staff – possibly because of poor training or communication – and an increase in injury rates.
When you manage risk and get your Health and Safety culture into a mature and proactive space, this then leads to better quality, cost savings and an enhanced reputation – does it not?
Our aim is to be your leader and support partner in workplace safety. We want to work together to deliver workable health and safety solutions to make your business great.
Call us today so we can discuss your challenges and develop a strategy to achieve your goals.
Written by Aaron Neighbours, Intesafety Principal Health and Safety Partner and General Manager

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