January 16, 2020

Manage all your Site Requirements, Improve Productivity and Reduce Costs in One Place

Did you know you can improve productivity and reduce costs by managing all Fly-In-Fly-Out (FIFO) and site requirements in one central location?

Here’s how
Keeping all your crucial information and data in one place makes it easier for you to manage, find info in seconds, and make changes on the go.
Whether managing hundreds or thousands of people on sites and camps you don’t want to waste extra time on administrative tasks, especially when you have to consider all areas which ensure operations don’t stop.
You can save time on admin overheads and automate your processes to boost your site efficiencies with INX InFlight. This is your one place for everything people and site management, from rosters and travel bookings to crew accommodation and cleaning schedules. Unlike other providers who offer functionality in only one area, we integrate all three key functions into a central system.
From staff management to eggs for breakfast 
This is how one of our clients on the African continent decided to manage their site needs, from rosters and crew accommodation to site transportation and meals.
Due to their extensive size and non-stop operating hours, the scale of managing their site needs is quite impressive. Here are some stats:
  • Managing 15,000 staff members
  • Looking after 11,200 rooms
  • Washing literally truck-loads of laundry – 10 trucks or 75 tonnes per 24 hours
  • Making 32,000 eggs for breakfast every day
  • Cooking 6 tonnes of chicken every day
  • Driving 400 buses to move people to and from various site locations
  • And this is only a fragment of what is managed on an operating site.
Do more with INX InFlight
Built for travel administrators
INX InFlight is built for travel administrators by travel administrators, so we understand your day-to-day requirements
Integrate with ease
Integrate with 3rd party systems so you can reduce your double-handling and boost operational efficiencies
Be one step ahead
View and suggest changes to your upcoming roster, accommodation, and travel booking details anytime, anywhere with the mobile app
Go with the flow

If your travel plans change, keep your family and friends up to date by sharing your details with them, to view on their own phones

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