May 28, 2021

People of INX: Bec Brennan


We’ve made the rounds and spoke to our teams across our Perth, and Canadian offices to share with you what makes our people tick and why they do what they do.

Let’s meet Bec.

1. What is your role and why did you join INX?

At INX, my role is as an Account Manager for our existing client base. I joined INX at the beginning of this year as I have a passion for travel logistics, safety and automation. I really enjoy analysing projects and determining how customers mobilise people to and from site and INX provides solutions to manage mobile workforces to drive efficiency and keep people safe.

2. How do you think your role contributes to helping people?

I help customers to ensure that they have the right blend of products to manage their remote workforce more efficiently

3. Since joining INX, what is something you feel you have brought to the company?

I would like to think I have brought a positive, collaborative approach when working with our customers. Our customers are always at the forefront of what we do. I love the process of design workshops, and understanding that all of customers all have unique challenges, but common themes throughout the resource sector are apparent. It’s all about automation, innovation and integration! It’s exciting to bring my prior knowledge in travel logistics and share those ideas with customers to help drive further integration for them.

4. What is one thing you have learned about yourself from working at INX?

I love conducting contextual enquiries within our customers business. This enables our team to be entrenched in our customers’ day to day operations and observe work and products being in use. I feel that through this I have come to understand my customers day to day needs, and we can recommend solutions specific to role type and tasks

5. What’s your favourite quote?

“Seek first to understand before being understood.”

My personal values are really important to me, and this means that I tbelieve it is important to actively listen with an openness and willingness to truly understand the problem statement for our customers. “Seek first to understand before being understood” means to me, to always go into a meeting with humility, and open mind and a desire to understand.

This helps to create a strong desire to have a true partnership with customers, understand their goals, and vision to create plans together rather than just be a transactional relationship.



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