September 3, 2021

How to request, capture and report on mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations

COVID-19 compliance protocols change regularly according to the volume of cases.  This approach sets out to best protect the population and minimise the spread of infection.

Some businesses are now required to provide evidence of mandatory vaccination records on behalf of their workers. Companies will be prioritising their worker safety and COVID-19 compliance which includes recording COVID-19 tests and the ongoing upkeep of vaccination records for all workers affected by the nature of their roles.  There is little guidance as to how this should be done.

This increasingly complex landscape with changing business rules and different laws applying to each state poses many questions.  So how can employers cut through the noise and effectively manage the requesting and reporting of these essential vaccinations?

In relation to work health and safety (WHS) duties, Safe Work Australia has published:

“While the Australian Government is not making vaccination mandatory, states and territories may do so for some industries or workers through public health orders.”

For example, COVID-19 vaccinations are mandated for residential aged care workers as a condition of working in an aged care facility.  Quarantine workers and airport workers are also affected. However, state rules differ.

How to request vaccination verification

Business Management Daily reports, in their article centered on Vaccine passports that tackles sensitivity and compliance around asking workers for verification:

“Employers can legally ask workers about their COVID vaccination status—and require proof.  In the U.S the latest round of polling on vaccine mandates by Mercer U.S. Health News found 14% of 372 employers now require or plan to require workers returning to worksites to be vaccinated. Another 15% will require employees doing certain jobs—such as interacting with the public—to prove they have had the shots.”

The same article goes on to emphasise that managers and supervisors that are responsible for implementing the vaccine passport policy to workers need to provide training and clear information on how to handle worker communication and concerns.

How do businesses adapt to changes in COVID-19 vaccination protocols?

document verification service can help alleviate these challenges. Sitepass’ online document verification tool makes this process simpler, more effective and increases safety.

  • Sitepass offers a single online tool that allows you to simplify the way your staff interact, capture and review documents from your contractors, visitors, or team members.
  • Centralise how all documents are captured as well as standardise the review process to achieve higher accuracy.
  • The system is designed to meet individual company regulatory and corporate requirements
  • Because it’s streamlined specifically to meet document capture needs, it reduces the administrative overheads that would be manually required
  • Easily request, capture, and review vaccination evidence and other assets from workers allowing you to easily manage the compliance of documents submitted by your contractors and workers.
  • Document compliance is automatically monitored, and reminders are sent when a document is near its expiry.

An Australian tier 2 design and construction company is working extensively with the Sitepass tool to meet their communication needs. The business located in NSW was challenged when COVID-19 variant Delta broke out and resulting restrictions imposed across the state.

Sitepass was used to quickly modify onboarding requirements to necessary training records and COVID-19 documentation including tests and vaccination records. The visitor management system helped to manage and monitor and limit the number of workers on site, and importantly restrict access if the worker had not provided their COVID-19 vaccinations. The inbuilt messaging features including in Sitepass ensure they could effectively communicate to their 1000 plus workers the changes they need to follow with their onboarding and compliance requirements.

Sitepass helps organisations simplify the management of the changing requirements to capture, record and report on COVID-19 vaccinations.

If you are a business challenged with controlling mandatory vaccinations for your workers, let us do the heavy lifting and demonstrate how it’s possible.  Book a demo or enquire about your mandatory vaccination verification needs. We’re here to help.