November 10, 2021

INX InFlight for Pandemic Management: East African Client Operation


  • Industry: Oil & Gas, Energy 
  • Employees and Contractors: 3,000+ 
  • Location: East Africa 
  • Customer Since: 2020 
  • Products: INX InFlight and INX +Process



This project, backed by international oil & gas and energy conglomerates, is located in East Africa and currently has approximately 3,000 employees on site at any given time. With the recent COVID outbreak, the client has been leveraging the INX InFlight system to manage the people mobilisation implications through the pandemic. This has enabled them to promptly respond to outbreaks using the INX InFlight solution and in turn, monitor and manage the health and safety of their employees.   


The Challenge: 

In the middle of 2020, COVID was fast becoming a very real threat at the East African site with an increasing number of workers becoming infected. For the overall safety of everyone on site and pressures from the local government, the entire project was forced into quarantine.  

This was managed as best as possible under the circumstances, with different camps allocated to for quarantine segregation. Four camps were sectioned out purely for COVID management. There were separate camps for men and women, a different camp for people that had been in close contact with infected personnel, and a camp for the unaffected workers. As the number of infections rose, it was increasing more difficult to manage people on site and the government advised the site to start demobilising people. The East African client found a rapid solution in INX InFlight. 


The Solution: 

INX Software and the client reconfigured INX InFlight to manage the outbreak. 3,000 workers had to be demobilised off site, removing all infected workers and only keeping an essential skeleton crew of workers to keep the project running.  

Using INX InFlight, planning for the demobilisation took 48 hours and only five days to get everyone off site. They had approximately 12 flights departing site every day. INX InFlight enabled the centralisation of bookings and streamlined the process, ensuring that all employees knew what flight they were on, which camp they were to reallocate to and had an updated roster.  

 The room layouts on site were changed within the camps to accommodate segregations of COVID cases. New work status codes, including Quarantine Work Status Codes, PCR Test Work Status Codes and Remobilisation Codes were also added within their instance of INX InFlight. These codes are used to identify employees that are in quarantine, monitor COVID testing results on site and to plan chartered return flights that can be easily amended based on positive COVID test results. Upon use of these codes, a quarantine hotel will be booked within the INX system for that employee.  

Implementing these new features into the system has introduced a significant amount of agility into how the company can react to future outbreaks as they now have the processes in place to quickly transition their employees off site when needed. The aim was to use the INX InFlight system to complete COVID quarantine and the remobilisation process. This will allow the information to sit in a centralised system for instant access, reporting on quarantine and testing, as well as visibility to the travel and accommodation administration teams for remobilisation to site later on. 


The Outcome: 

The client is now preparing to ramp up to remobilising people back onto site. With thanks to the INX InFlight system, they already have the processes in place to manage this efficiently. Currently, approximately 40 different camps are already entered into INX, but the protocol going forward will be to first activate the INX system on the camp and then start assigning bookings for employees.  

Through the COVID outbreak, the company has relied on their INX InFlight system to help them ensure their work environment is remaining as safe as possible whilst also monitoring employees are compliant with regulations. As the company is soon looking to ramp up their project to 20,000 employees its essential that they have the processes in place now to manage their employees’ transition to and from site in these unprecedented times.  

INX InFlight proved to be an agile system to quickly respond to an international pandemic, adhere to strict government requirements around quarantine to restrict the spread, while keeping the site running.