December 10, 2020

Tips and Tricks for Remote Workers During This Festive Season

inflight christmas

Working remotely comes with many challenges which, around Christmas time, can be heightened and cause a lot of stress for remote workers and their families. It may not be an ideal situation, but here are some helpful tips you can follow if you are rostered on to work during the Christmas period.

Talk about it: Communicate with your family and friends during the lead-up, let them know that you are thinking of them, and try to stay in touch whilst you are away.

Get Connected: When you are on-site, try to organise times to call and message your loved ones. They will appreciate it and you will feel better about having to be away during Christmas.

Organise an Impromptu Christmas Celebration: By not being there on Christmas Day, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate at all. Many families find it affirming and even exciting to organise their own special Christmas on another day. That way, you still get to take part in all the regular festive activities. Celebrating before the actual day is effective, especially if you have children.

Celebrate with others on-site: All the other people on-site are most likely in the same position as you are. Instead of thinking negatively about being away from home, organise an event for you and your coworkers to enjoy.

These tips work to alleviate some of the difficulties of being away from your family during this time.

In most cases, rosters and schedules are planned well in advance so workers can see when they will be working during the coming months. With INX InFlight, each worker has complete visibility over their rosters, flight schedules and room allocation as it is assigned to them. This gives workers the chance to plan ahead, and especially around Christmas time, this works to organise a time to celebrate with your family when you will be on R&R. With the INX InFlight mobile app, you are able to share your roster with your family and friends in real-time so that they too, can prepare for your arrival. InFlight is designed to make your life as a remote worker a lot easier and aims to include your needs into your roster.

Excel spreadsheets are not able to give the same outcomes as InFlight can. Our solution supports forward planning, to ensure there are always enough mine workers on-site and everyone is aware of their schedule with one click.

Christmas can be a stressful and challenging time for remote workers as it is. Help alleviate some of that stress placed on workers and their family members by implementing INX InFlight onto your site, giving your workers the visibility they need this festive season.




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