January 25, 2021

Costs Will Skyrocket With Your Reliance on Spreadsheets for Managing People Mobilization – Here’s Why

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Travel Managers and SitManagers are faced with constant scheduling changesHow do you ensure your current people mobilization planning process is fit for purpose? How easily can you keep up with change requests, flight cancellations, missed flights and roster updates 

As your company growsthere are more people to plan for. Relying on a multitude of static spreadsheets simply won’t cut it. It is too timeconsuming and can lead to a magnitude of data errors and resulting high costs.  

Leveraging spreadsheets to mobilize people to and from site puts unnecessary pressure on your travel coordinators. They are responsible for booking travel on flights, shuttle services, bus transfers and camp bedswhich account for anywhere between three to five separate reservations per personAs the human resource requirement grows for your site, manual management of travel logistics with spreadsheets become exponentially inefficient for all users due to the amount of data handling. Microsoft Excel can be a great tool for small-scale planning especially when projects are just starting upHowever, the fundamental drawback is that it hinders corporate-wide visibility and information-sharing as changes are not automatically nor instantaneously shared with affected individuals. Soon enough, you will discover your communications lack efficiency and accessibility as employees get frustrated trying to keep on top of flight or accommodation changes. It becomes difficult to maintain up-to-date planning, especially for teams who manage accommodation and cleaning rosters 

What is the optimal option to keep your workers and contractors updated of their rostering changes in the most time and costefficient manner 

Leveraging a technology solution, like INX InFlight, all aspects of people mobilization can be automated into one easy-to-use system, alleviating administrative frustrations, protecting data quality and integrity and improving operational efficiencies 

Easily set up rosters which will instantly book travel, accommodation, and cleaning schedules for all employees on-site and automatically send rosters to all employees straight to their mobile device and even to their family’s mobile devices as well 

Utilizing a software solution to manage the mobilization of people to site enables company-wide visibility over all travel requirements to highlight problem areas. Efficiencies are achieved through administrative time savings.  

Furthermore, using predictive analytics, you can optimize rosters, flight bookings and camp bookings to further improve cost savings. Through the analysis of raw data, prescriptive analytics enables companies to be proactive in holistic planning as it models all possible situations and scenarios, and considers all available resources, past and current performance to determine the best course of action. Organizations can simulate the probability of various outcomes, which in turn helps them better understand risks that are present in their workplaces. 

With a software solution like INX travel and roster management solutions, discover a better way of planning that reduces the amount of time spent on rostering and travel management whilst producing more accurate results with enhanced data security.  

If you have any questions about how you can improve your people mobilization and automate rostering, contact us here. Our team of people mobilization solution experts would be more than happy to answer any questions about rostering, accommodation, or travel bookings management