September 16, 2021

The Advantages of Having One Integrated EHS Solution

Ensuring your company has the tools they need to manage all their EHS requirements in one location creates an efficient and productive workforce. Amongst leading EHS companies, this has become standard practice as it has a lot of advantages around consistency, simplicity, and reporting capabilities. Other advantages include:


Simplicity of Use

End-user approval is a must for any successful software implementation which is driven by an interface that’s easy to grasp and quick to learn. People will be less likely to accept the system if it is difficult to navigate through. End-users are approached in a more universal way with integrated solutions as the solution will always work in a predictable and consistent manner.

Working with a single provider ensures that all of the solutions given are correctly integrated and function together with minimal effort on your part, as opposed to working with several service providers, where integration is quite tough. Having a well-integrated solution also ensures that your staff will be able to quickly learn how to use the solution to its full potential.


Improved Processes

All involved stakeholders are linked in a single automated procedure and have access to the same reliable data. The process is constantly monitored, and potential deviations are detected early on. When a system is made up of many point solutions, each stage of the process necessitates manual data exchange with another point solution, lengthening processing times and raising the risk of failure. In that instance, because the process is fragmented over several point solutions, it is difficult to monitor and control the entire process.


Fewer Systems to Maintain

As each software solution has its own set of IT requirements, release rules, and support periods, IT departments often favour the concept of a single integrated solution. The business case for deploying an integrated safety, quality, and environmental solution in many projects is based on lowering the number of existing point solutions and their related costs. Complex data connections are not required because integrated solutions employ a single source of information. Having a single database for all data greatly simplifies data maintenance, maintains consistency and data quality, and allows for improved reporting and analysis.


Enhanced Security

All cloud-based systems prioritise security. Field teams could lose vital data or money if your field execution software’s security is breached. All-in-one solutions, thankfully, provide safety benefits for both you and your clients. Finding a security solution that works consistently across numerous apps could be difficult. Security precautions that work brilliantly for a point-of-sale system may not function as well for a scheduling application. This would not be an issue if you used an all-in-one execution software solution.


Overall Lower Costs

Single-use solutions are more expensive than all-in-one solutions. You might believe that because you’d use the same number of programmes, prices would end up being the same. While both approaches may have similar prices, all-in-one solutions offer significant economic advantages. Because users do not have to go back and forth between apps, all-in-one models offer better productivity. Employees will be able to work more quickly and complete the same amount of work in a shorter amount of time.

Quantifying software benefits in terms of money, resources, time savings, quality, agility, and compliance improvements is a difficult task for many organisations. When comparing point solutions to integrated solutions, business case practices suggest that establishing benefits for an integrated solution is easier and clearer.



Scalability is one of the most appealing features of cloud-based execution software. If you want to grow your company, you’ll need a software solution that can keep up. Scalability is better with all-in-one execution software than with alternative solutions. You won’t have to update each application separately if you use an all-in-one solution. This rapid scalability ensures that performance enhancements are made consistently and on schedule, enhancing productivity and profitability.


Better Data Collection

To boost the effectiveness of your analytics, you’ll need to collect more and more diverse data, but this might be difficult. The process of acquiring or organising information can take longer when there are more data pieces. Software that is all-in-one provides a more diverse data set as well as a more straightforward manner to collect it. This approach encompasses more processes, providing you with more data, while also providing a single pipeline.


At INX Software, we work to deliver our products to market in one single integrated solution. This means that all your safety, health, compliance, rostering, training, and environmental requirements can be accessible in the location. With the entire INX product suite, required personnel can have access to all aspects of the business to make informed and data-driven decisions.