May 16, 2022

A message from Marcus Ashby, CEO INX Software – May 2022

Twenty years ago, Garry Back was a former accountant turned technologist who could see a mining sector in chaos. Even the biggest companies had multiple applications and siloed software. Functionality was limited, intelligence was poor, and software simply couldn’t keep pace with the growing and changing needs of clients.

Garry and Vaughan de Vos knew there had to be a better way, and as founders of INX Software, they set out to build it locally, testing and refining the platform on the toughest, most remote and most complex mining operations in the world.

Today, Garry and Vaughan’s small tech company is a WA software powerhouse, with a suite of tightly integrated, intelligent workforce management software that extends beyond the remote mining sites of WA’s north to the corridors of leading tertiary hospitals, the factory floors of advanced manufacturers, and the construction sites of city-shaping projects. In fact, 289 major customers and an incredible one million active users rely on INX software to run their daily businesses. The software keeps teams moving, reduces human harm, unlocks business intelligence and acts as a single source of truth for what is happening in real time to their people and the planet.

For these customers the technology use case may be complex but essential goal is simple —reliable software to support safer, smarter, and more sustainable workplaces. If we stop working, so do they.

It’s a responsibility that we at INX take seriously, and it sits at the heart of the transformation program we kicked off two years ago. We set out to re-imagine our Environmental Management, Safety and Workforce Management for our future Cloud Service offering, to create the next generation of deeply aware and intelligent software, delivered as a service anywhere. As part of this we engaged closely with stakeholders across our customer base, finding out what they loved about INX — and areas where we could improve. Hundreds of hours of design research interviews and workshops were then used to inform our next platform of software offerings, and you will start to see the first of our new products, in the environment space, launching soon.

While we are ready for that change, we want to ensure classic INX software continues to meet and exceed customer expectations, and that where we can improve your experience we do so. We have been fortunate to have long-standing loyal customers, who have been with us in the journey so far, and our commitment to you will not change.

I have made a series of appointments to my new executive leadership team who share a similar passion for client service. Together we are focused on ensuring we not only retain your business, but build you a more responsive and nimble INX. You will start to see the difference across our service and customer teams, and — if you do have any concerns or questions — you will find us all, and the entire executive very ready to listen, learn and resolve.

I am proud of the business we have built and how far we have come, but I am excited about the things we are yet to do.

We look forward to sharing that journey with you.

Marcus Ashby

INX Software CEO