Missing project milestones due to missing personnel on-site?

When workers miss flights or don’t arrive on-site when they are supposed to, it affects operational productivity and can affect important milestones or projects. With a complete workforce management system, you have time for more important tasks. Less missed flights mean workers will be on-site when they need to.


Are missed flights and roster issues costing your company too much money?

Overbooking or rebooking missed flights costs time and money. Your travel managers spend double the amount of time on bookings for missed flights and your operational costs skyrocket. Optimising and notifying your workforce of any changes would make a tremendous cost saving to your operations. 


Do you use several systems for rostering, accommodation and travel arrangements?

If you have a system or spreadsheet to manage rostering, but it is not linked with your crew accommodation system or your cleaning roster a lot of problems could occur with overbooking camps or rooms that aren’t cleaned. One central system streamlines the operations and saves you time countless hours of work.

INX InFlight is a complete FIFO roster and travel solution designed to save you time, money and operational productivity. Download the brochure to learn more or fill out the form to meet with us at Diggers and Dealers:

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