April 1, 2020

Zendesk Implemented at INX Software

Zendesk is here – and we’re excited

We are excited to announce that from today (the 1st of April), INX has moved from our current support platform JIRA to a new platform Zendesk.

Tell me more about the portal

You can now submit your requests through the Zendesk customer portal by selecting Submit a Request. By selecting the drop-down next to your name, you will be able to review any activity or previous requests.

There is also a knowledge base below that is segmented by each product. You can type your request into the How can we help you? section and it automatically searches the knowledge base to locate what you might need.

Alternatively, you can interact with the Help chat tool located at the bottom of the page.

Please note: The INX Support email address has not changed, you can still request support by emailing us at support@inxsoftware.com or by calling on 1300 756 084.