October 13, 2020

What’s New in 5.11

Manage a wide variety of accommodation types across multiple locations


Enter staffing, roster, and room requirements for upcoming projects and visualize whether there will be accommodation available at that time. You can see current staffing requirements (baseline), propose projects to compare accommodation supply with demand and highlight future shortfall!  Once forecast demand has been secured, you can make short term bookings directly from the plan.


Get notified instantly for actions deadline


When you create an action in events, scheduled events, and checklists, the assigned responsible person will receive a notification on the due date! No more missed deadlines! You can configure the notifications to either be sent immediately or sent in the batch notification for each event type. If responsibility for an action is changed, the new actionee will immediately receive a notification.


Be sure to have a workflow in place for your event


Want to be sure there is a workflow available for submitted events? Now, you can configure a default workflow from the module that cannot be made inactive.

Plus, all users who have access to view an event report can now view the workflow transition data by hovering over the workflow step breadcrumbs.


Create your own fields

InFlight, +Process

You can now include more custom fields! Custom fields set up in INX InFlight are now visible through INX +Process. You can choose to turn these fields on/off. These fields will be automatically updated in INX InFlight profiles upon workflow commitment.


We enhanced the user experience for Training


We listened to you and have enhanced the user experience for Training Events, Courses, and Compliance, Competency and Procedure (CCP) management. You can also create reports to provide visibility between INTuition and INX +LMS.


Security Improved

InControl, InFlight, InHealth, InTuition


InForm – V 6.1.4


Since we released InForm V6, we have implemented some great new features in InForm. InForm can now be a standalone product you can deploy independently from the INX Suite. You can add people, add sites, upload site logos in reports and add additional custom data field types. The Home page dashboard is now click-through and contains a new ‘My In Tray’. InViron Sample Runs can now be linked to your InForm Conditions in V6. You can display document count from the register ellipsis. And finally, we improved numerous features and added securities.


Other enhancements

  • Maintenance update for InFlight
  • Maintenance for InForm
  • Consistent handling and enhancement updates around how Expired/Inactive statuses are handled and displayed within the system (InTuition)


System Requirements Updates

  • Microsoft SQL 2016 is the minimum supported server version.
  • Asp.net core runtime 3.1.6 is required for instances where the Training API is in place for INX Assessor
  • .NET framework 4.7.2 is required for INX Version 5.7


To plan your upgrade, get in touch with your Account Manager, Lisa or Oscar.

If you would like to download the full release notes, login to your support portal for access.

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