March 26, 2021

INX Software Announces Launch of INX Assessor

Perth, Australia 26 March 2021 – INX Software, a globally trusted leader of environment, health and safety solutions today announced the launch of the new generation INX Assessor Application.

INX Software’s Assessor app is designed to overcome the common challenges of managing practical assessments in the field by replacing manual and paper-based processes that are error-prone and time consuming. The solution enables better management and visibility of practical assessments onsite whilst also reducing the time spent on administrative tasks such as scanning or filing paper forms.

INX Software Chief Executive Officer, Basil Lenzo, says, “INX Assessor has been the result of a fruitful collaboration and partnership with long-time clients, Mineral Resources Limited (MRL) and Barminco. I am pleased we have delivered to our brand promise of enabling our clients to continue best-practices in ensuring safer, smarter and more sustainable workplaces for all their employees and contractors.”

The app enhances process consistency and compliance, as well as speeding up assessment review and approval with in-built workflows. Templated forms will be available for assessors to complete in the field, in both online and offline modes.

INX Assessor Features

  • Secure, cloud solution accessible from anywhere on any device
  • Self-service Assessment form template design and management
  • Record assessment observations and results, online or offline, on iOS and Android devices
  • Seamless integration with INX InTuition to update Trainee’s competencies and attach evidence

About INX Software

INX Software is a globally trusted leader of fully-integrated environment, health and safety solutions driving the creation of safer, smarter and sustainable workplaces. The cloud-based software and mobile-capable solutions are standard across high-risk and complex operations including mining, utilities, oil & gas and government sectors, with over 200 enterprise clients and 700,000 users to date. With a global team of industry experts, INX Software enables health, safety and environmental professionals to manage risk, achieve compliance and enhance operational efficiencies across workforce mobilization and travel logistics, workplace health and safety, environmental and statutory compliance, training and competency management.


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