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“Having previously relied on manual processes and spreadsheets, we now have a fully automated and centralised solution for our health, safety and compliance management. The service and solutions provided by INX sees them leading the way in this space and I would highly recommend them.”


The Guinea Alumina Corporation (GAC) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of EGA, one of the world’s largest premium aluminium producers, and is currently developing a bauxite mine and associated export facilities in the Republic of Guinea, West Africa in the first phase of their investment in the country.

GAC’s concession is in the Boké region of north-western Guinea, close to existing mines that are operated by other companies. It contains approximately 1.4 billion tonnes of high-quality bauxite resources, and is a project that is one of the largest greenfield investments in Guinea and is contributing considerably to Guinea’s Gross Domestic Product by creating job opportunities directly and indirectly in the supply chain and the wider economy.


We spoke to Guinea Alumina Corporation about their need for a workforce management solution to improve their compliance, reduce their risk and increase their productivity.

What were you using to previously manage your health, safety and compliance?
Previously our company did not have a structured and effective system for managing health and safety aspects. Initially everything was managed through Excel files designed and adapted to handle different situations. The limitations with this was that all management procedures were handled manually, there were no alerts for pending actions provided, it was difficult to track the various archived events, and in the case of an audit it was also difficult to find the treatments of the past events.

What criteria were set when purchasing a new solution?
We were looking for a solution that would help us effectively and efficiently manage health and safety issues. This application had to perform at a high level and cover the full spectrum of event and incident management.

How would you describe the training and implementation services provided to
you during the project?

The training was excellent. It allowed us to be autonomous so we can make changes without any reliance on INX.

How would you describe the supporting services provided to you after the
initial implementation project?

INX support services are excellent. Concerns are answered on time and their communication is first class.

How did you hear about INX Software?
We found INX after doing some research and hearing about the success in other projects such as Rio Tinto.

Why would you recommend INX?
INX offers very high-performance solutions that meet all of our needs in the required areas. I would definitely recommend INX.

The Solution

Guinea Alumina use INX InControl for safety, risk and compliance, INX InHealth for industrial hygiene and medical surveillance and INX +Analytics (now INX +BI) for advanced reporting and analysis. Key highlights of the solution which have assisted Guinea Alumina include automatic alerts sent in professional emails at each stage of the managing an event, the multiple functionalities available that go beyond incident investigations to lessons learned, and the visibility for many employees to see and read important information about an event and actions.

INX was selected as it satisfied all set criteria and for the quality of their service and solutions.

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Guinea, West Africa
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