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"The INX InControl module is now live at Main Roads after being first launched to a pilot group first before going live across all Main Roads directorates (nine directorates Statewide) on 1st July 2017.

Main Roads enjoyed a seamless go-live of the system and the collation of robust safety data started from the first day of launch with an average of 4 event types being entered into the system daily from the first week. INX InControl is now the core reporting system for all safety, health and well-being (SHW) functions at Main Roads and major (regional and metropolitan) contractors.   

There are currently 13 INX InControl event types in use, for both lead and lag indicators (KPI’s) including incidents, near misses, hazards,  workplace inspections, audits and safety observations. The ability to workflow SHW activities using INX InControl as well as having more sophisticated reporting is shaping up to give Main Roads the enhancements in SHW performance that Main Roads has been seeking since tendering and procuring the software in 2016."


Representing one of the world's most expansive road networks, Main Roads Western Australia (WA) are committed to working cooperatively and productively across all levels of government, to ensure the road network meets the needs of the community, industry and stakeholders.

Main Roads are responsible for the delivery and management of a safe and efficient main road network in Western Australia through operations including:

  • Building the state's major government road infrastructure projects;
  • Providing infrastructure and operations that improve road efficiency resulting in improvements in traffic and freight levels of service;
  • Maintaining the state's major government roads, bridges, verges and reserves;
  • Using technology to optimise the real-time management of the network and providing traveller information; and
  • Improving community amenity through the development of roadside stopping places, the incorporation or public art into infrastructure and understanding the needs of all transport users.


Having previously managed safety through a combination of documents, spreadsheets, emails, registers and a series of forms listed on a safety intranet page, Main Roads identified that this resulted in:

  • A high reliance on manual data capture, entry and action;
  • Time lost through the highly administrative nature of the process;
  • Reporting on a 6 week lag;
  • Difficulty in assigning and tracking actions;
  • Limited data available for advanced reporting to meet company and obligatory requirements.
  • With this in mind, Main Roads went to tender in 2015 to find a new software solution that would improve the management of Health, Safety, Risk and Incidents. 

Finding the Right Solution

The new solution sought the following capabilities:

  • An off-the-shelf, configurable and established solution;
  • Recording and management of HSE events such as hazards and incidents including personal injury, property damage, environmental impact, near miss and quality incidents;
  • Workflow management for HSE events such as incidents, injuries, safety committee meetings, audits, inspections and risks;
  • A  HSE dashboard that captures key performance indicators such as safety observations, safety meetings and workplace inspections;
  • Pre-loaded comprehensive incident causation taxonomy (such as TOOCS coding) for incident reporting & incident analysis (such as ICAM); 
  • Risk Registers and injury management capability.

The Result

Following a comprehensive selection process which assessed 20 different solutions, INX Software was selected for the following reasons:        

  • User-friendly solution;
  • Well designed, modern aesthetic;
  • Local company support;
  • Comprehensive range of solutions meant current requirements could be met and also future requirements could be accounted for;
  • Best value for money according to the tender requirements
  • All functional requirements met;
  • Workflow and notification management;
  • Corrective action management and tracking;
  • Ability to perform data analysis through robust reporting tools;
  • Industry and government experience supported by positive; references which highlighted the usability, implementation and management of change process;
  • Forming and encouraging a proactive safety culture.

Main Roads WA will be rolling out the safety solution, INX InControl, and dashboard reporting tool, INX +BI. 

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