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“I have found the INX Software solution to be extremely accommodating to our organisations diverse tasks and requirements. I found the solution very easy to use and learn. It does exactly what we need and creates accountability and visibility whilst ensuring a far more stress-free approach. We are currently managing over 400 environmental and safety events for weekly, fortnightly, monthly and annual one-offs and this is now a manageable task.”


The Mindarie Regional Council (MRC) is Western Australia's largest Waste Management Authority, managing the disposal of over 250,000 tonnes of waste generated each year by people living in its seven government localities. With such large scale operations, the ability to manage and ensure the safety and compliance of its visitors, employees and contractors is a top priority.


Mindarie Regional Council were previously using a range of spread sheets, forms and manual processes to manage their health, safety, risk, compliance and environmental requirements.

This approach was found to result in:

  • Difficulty tracking tasks and actions
  • Events not always being reported
  • Extensive manual labour in staying on top of management tasks
  • Poor escalation through a lack of automation 
  • A lack of functionality

The Search

Mindarie Regional Council engaged INX Software in 2010 looking for a solution to manage their health, safety, training and compliance requirements. The solution had to meet the following requirements:

  • Affordable
  • Flexible to be used by various internal departments
  • Improve efficiency through time saving measures
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to learn 
  • Assist in meeting government requirements

Finding the Right Solution

The INX safety solution, INX InControl, and training and compliance solution, INX InTuition, were selected by Mindarie Regional Council for the following reasons:

  • Flexibility (range of functions able to be managed in the one system)
  • Simplifies tasks across various departments
  • Provides the ability to create and manage corrective actions
  • Assists in meeting ISO 14001 compliance  
  • Tailored and configurable to MRC needs
  • Used for governance – auditing, tenders and contracts
  • Scheduling events in advance (e.g. meetings, audits and inspections)
  • Actions management by ensuring the right people are responsible for various tasks
  • Creating and managing checklists which benefits MRC through simplified monitoring, easily assigning actions 
  • Creating procedures

The Result

Since implementing INX, Mindarie Regional Council have experienced some significant changes through:

  • Improved efficiency for compliance and monitoring
  • Creating behavioural accountability
  • Reducing job-related stress
  • Improved visibility
  • Time savings through automation
  • Simplified reporting by identifying hotspots and showing management what they need to know e.g. root cause analysis 
  • Easily being able to transfer ownership of actions and events to new starters through the event maintenance function
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