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“As a training superintendent, I want all training records for people attending different trainings to be captured and updated in an easy and straightforward way; and INX delivered just that.”


MMG Kinsevere is a world-class copper mine located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Kinsevere was acquired by MMG in 2012 and is an important part of the company’s portfolio of high-quality base metals assets.

Through a focus on operational excellence, Kinsevere continues to deliver above nameplate capacity of 60,000 tonnes of copper cathode per annum. In 2016, Kinsevere produced 80,650 tonnes of copper cathode, above the prior corresponding period, as the operation continues to drive efficiencies and produce well above plant nameplate. MMG expects Kinsevere to produce 75,000 – 80,000 tonnes of copper cathode in 2017.


We spoke to MMG Kinsevere about their need for a workforce management solution to improve their compliance, reduce their risk and increase their productivity.

What were you using to previously manage your workforce in these areas?
We were previously using just basic Excel spreadsheets, which had serious limitations. For example, access to the Excel file was restricted to one person at a time for editing. People from other departments didn’t have access to this file so the supervisors lacked the visibility required when planning training for their team members.

What was sought in a new system?
We wanted a new system which offered:
• The ability to create and maintain employee roles;
• Training matrices for gap analysis purposes;
• Functionality to make training room bookings;
• Visibility and notifications for supervisors for active and expired competencies of their team members; and
• The ability to generate custom training reports.

What have been some notable changes since implementing the system?
Since implementing INX, we have noticed a considerable improvement in how easy it is to manage our training records. We have also drastically improved visibility across operations, simplified accessibility, improved communication and made reporting much more efficient and effective.

How would you describe the training and implementation services provided to you during the project?
The training and implementation stages were done very well, and INX was there every step of the way.

How would you describe the supporting services provided to you after the
initial implementation project?

The supporting services are good and the INX team is always helpful whenever we have any questions.

How did you hear about INX Software?
I heard about INX here at MMG Kinsevere first, and then a while later when doing an online training course on a human resources management software.

What would you say to someone in the market looking for a solution like INX?
I would recommend INX to others who are interested in finding a solution that really makes a difference.

The Solution

INX InTuition
Reduce training costs, simplify course management and ensure your employees and contractors remain compliant with INX InTuition.

INX InFlight
Improve productivity and reduce costs by managing all fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) requirements across rosters, travel and accommodation all in the one location with INX InFlight.

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