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  • Increase compliance and adopt a proactive approach to occupational health and safety management systems. Manage everything from incidents to audits with INX InControl.

    Take control of your occupational health, safety and environmental requirements with our easy-to-use, mobile and configurable OHS management system. Taking a proactive approach in managing safety and risks assists organisations in preventing or lessening unforeseen workplace events and incidents. Due to valuable time being lost while trying to manage paper-based and spreadsheet systems, organisations are becoming increasingly aware of the need to standardise and centrally control OHS data. The agreed process by which OHS data is captured and reported is essential to the success of any organisation. INX InControl provides a simple-to-use and flexible framework to achieve this, whether you’re in the office, travelling or in the field.

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  • 3rd Party Integrations

    • SAP ERP

      Enterprise Resource Planning

      SAP ERP is an enterprise resource planning software that incorporates the key business functions of an organisation. INX Software has been integrated with SAP ERP to pull across information related to people, workgroups, rosters and organisation structure changes.

    • Pronto

      Business Management

      Pronto is a module system with solutions across finance, distribution, sales, marketing, manufacturing, assets & facilities management and more. INX Software has integrated with Pronto to collect people and workgroup information to filter into our health and safety, skills and training and travel and logistics solutions.

    • Chris21 (Frontier)

      Human Resources

      An integrated human resource solution for payroll, self-service, recruitment, time and attendance, performance, learning and development and expenses. INX Software can integrate with Chris 21 to pull information such as hours worked to generate lost time injury reports across different departments and workgroups.

  • Our latest version release

    INX 5.7 - Version Release


    The latest Version 5.7 release is here, and we're excited to share with you some new key features and updates, which include: 

    • Action configuration
    • Company level consolidation
    • Attach documents to checklist items
    • Consolidation of event documents to the documents tab
    • Automated sync of events
    • Attach documents to checklist items
    • Checklist response options
    • Room clean status
    • Group maintenance for rooms
    • Cleaning calendar view
    • Room cleaning roster
    • Usability - flights, people, rosters, rooms, cost centres, reports
    • Serko profile sync along with profile custom fields
    • Occupational hygiene lab integration
    • Health monitoring enhancements
    • Security enhancements
    • Update to occupational hygiene related data fields
    • INX InForm Outlook tool maintenance
    • Single sign on (SSO)
    • Profile validation with comment on rejection notification
    • Profile and photo validation
    • Training records archive

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Features Included
Incident, injury, audit & other events
Create and manage your own event types
Assign & track corrective actions
Create your own checklists
Automatic notifications
ICAM/taproot methodology
Workflow management
Schedule events
Built-in reporting & graphing tools and templates
Injury & return to work plans
Insurance & workers compensation
Compliance tracking
Configured to your business requirements meaning minimal disruption
Personalised in-tray
Dedicated risk register
Mobile accessible
Create and manage registers for assets, chemicals, equipment and more
People profiles
Create your own reports and graphs
Drill-down enabled graphs for items such as root causes, equipment involved in incidents and more

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The new ISO 45001 standard - are you ready?



The ISO 45001 standard is the world’s first occupational health and safety international standard. It helps organisations provide a safe and healthy workplace for their workers and other people, prevent deaths, work-related injury and ill-health as well as continually improving OH&S performance.

The implementation of an OH&S management system will be a strategic decision for any organization that can be used to support its sustainability.

How will this affect you?
ISO 45001 is designed for all types of organisations to be able to benefit from it, whether you’re operating in a small-to-medium sized business or a global conglomerate.

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Safety on the go - all part of one solution, with no extra cost

Unlike other solutions, INX doesn't charge for using each component of the OHS software. With more functionality, our solution grows with you so your company can achieve more. The INX InControl Mobile App allows for greater system adoption so that all employees and contractors can capture data with ease. With more data coming through, your operations team has greater visibility over what is happening, so corrective actions can be made faster and overall reporting can be improved. 

Contractors and employees can use the app to:

  • Report incidents, injuries and other events
  • Upload and attach photos and other evidence as part of event capture
  • Complete audits, inspections and related checklists
  • Review and complete corrective actions assigned to them
  • Identify risks and hazards

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Improve safety through greater visibility and functionality

Safety covered from A-Z

INX InControl doesn’t just manage incidents or risks like other OHS systems. You’ll have the spectrum of safety covered with the ability to create your own event types or manage the standard events such as incidents, injuries, audits, inspections, risks, hazards and more.

Encourage safety at all levels

INX InControl encourages user participation through ease of use and access. With more information being captured, managers and executives have greater insight into safety culture through the reporting, graphing and analytical tools or more visually through INX +BI dashboards.

Manage and reduce risk

Get rid of excel spreadsheets. Managing risk at a corporate, enterprise or operational level has never been easier thanks to INX InControl. Risks are stored in a central register, and provide the ability to create review events and link incidents to relevant risks.

Manage safety, incidents and events with INX InControl

Simplified injury management

Managing injuries and workers compensation claims can be a nightmare when trying to keep on top of emails, reports and appointments. INX InControl provides the tools to manage everything from medical certificates, return to work plans, lost time days, and file notes to reimbursements and weekly benefits.


Increase compliance

INX InControl provides the tools your organisation needs to become compliant in ISO 45001 (Management systems of Occupational Health and Safety/OH&S), ISO 31000 (Risk Management), ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems), ISO18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Standard), ISO 19600 (Compliance Management Systems), AS 4801 (Occupational Health & Safety Management) and AS 3806 (Compliance Programs).


Real-time safety management

Having piles of papers or emails built up with reported incidents, audits, injuries and more, adds time to your day and puts you behind. Our OSH web based solution allows you to access the information you want when you want, so action can be taken when it matters most.


Safety on the go

OHS extends beyond safety managers, safety officers, managers and superintendents. INX InControl Mobile ensures all employees and contractors can contribute by capturing events such as incidents, injuries, audits or inspections, completing checklists and actions anywhere on or offline directly from their phone or tablet device.

Proactive, not just reactive

Safety systems should do more than just capture incidents and injuries. With INX InControl you can schedule events such as audits, inspections, task observations and safety meetings, allowing you to stay ahead. The functionality of scheduled reports also means you can keep those who need to know in the loop, whether you’re in the office or not.


Zero-harm, proactive culture

With INX InControl you can build your culture around a sustainable work environment that supports the health and safety of those in the organisation while minimising your environmental impact. With an effective OHS system in place through INX InControl, you can now focus on new policies and processes to prevent incidents.


See what is happening yourself

With all OHS incidents, injuries, audits, meetings, inspections and events captured in the one place, granted users can see what is happening right away. Set indicators, targets and track actuals to ensure your safety management is on track.


Audit friendly

No more spending weeks pulling information together for an audit. Be proud of your OHS safety management system with INX InControl. Log into a central location and immediately pull up any information you need for auditors and stakeholders.

Seamless transition into safety

Seamless transition into safety

INX integrates with existing 3rd party systems so you can continue work as usual. Whether it is automatically collecting information from a payroll or HR system, or sending data from INX to another source, our team is here to help.

Insurance friendly

Insurance friendly

Reduce your policy premiums by providing transparency and control over insurance costs. Manage your claims through INX InControl, which are linked to incidents, injuries and other relevant events.

Ensure accuracy of information

Ensure accuracy of information

Managing safety on spreadsheets, documents and forms is not only time consuming but can also result in loss of information. As a web-based, centralised solution, users can now capture information once, allowing for greater transparency and decision making for managers when it comes to analysis and reporting.

Manage contractor mobilisation with ease

Enable contractors to complete inductions and upload competency and compliance documentation before arriving on site with all evidence automatically pushing through to their personnel record in INX.

This exciting update significantly reduces administration time and work and ensures you are working with more accurate data, much faster and with greater visibility and compliance. Once this simple process is completed, all safety related data for that contractor can then be managed with ease.Having this information on record simplifies the safety management process and covers you to ensure peace of mind and compliance.

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