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08 Jul 2019

Launching INX Sitepass

V 1.0.0

We are proud to announce the official release of Sitepass; a single platform to manage the risk, compliance, and safety of your workforce.

Our site is now available for all to use, so jump right in and check out all its features.

User interface

The look and feel of the application have been designed from the ground up to be as useful and user-friendly as possible. Furthermore, Sitepass has been designed to be accessible to as many devices as possible.

Supplier marketplace

Browse the public supplier marketplace; this makes it easy for you to find and connect to all your favourite suppliers.

Simplified workflow

The process of creating and assigning workflow requirements is more intuitive than ever.

Single login, multiple employers

All your details are stored in one account – you don’t need a separate account for different clients or for different employers.

Training marketplace

Our course marketplace is a great resource for training your workforce. You can select courses and have them assigned to users to complete!

The great news for users is that when multiple clients assign the same course to a user, that user’s progress is saved, recorded, and shared with each of those clients. There is no need to complete the same training courses multiple times.

Pricing with free tiers

Pricing has been revamped to cater to all sizes of businesses.

  • Free tiers make Sitepass accessible to sole traders and small businesses.
  • Volume discounted rates mean a more cost-effective system for bigger businesses

Mobile friendly

The Sitepass user interface has been designed with mobile in mind so your workers can access their workflows from anywhere on virtually any smart device or computer.

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