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Email updates

02 May 2024

Expanding the SMS management text box for better readability

V 6.3.46

Available from 2 May 2024




Expanding the SMS management text box for better readability

We have improved the SMS message text box functionality in SAM. You can now expand the text box to view the entire text that has been entered, allowing you to review your messages thoroughly prior to sending.




Workflow Folio leave and shift status request error fix

Requestors are now able to submit a leave request or a shift status via Folio document successfully and will no longer receive an error message.

Workflow Folio document and the AutomaticallyPickRoom parameter behaviour

Previously, Folio documents were not taking the AutomaticallyPickRoom parameter into account.

This resulted in the document automatically selecting the room where the parameter was set to N, but the room was not allowed to be automatically selected for a booking.

We have made system changes, so the parameter is now considered.

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