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04 Apr 2024

Introducing our fresh, new user interface and new Permanently Assign feature in SAM roster bookings

V 6.3.45

Available from 4 April 2024


New features


A fresh, modern look in SAM

We are pleased to announce that we have rolled out our new look in the SAM user interface – modernising your user experience.

The production environment will remain blue.



The staging environment will remain purple.



Changes to Workflow and Workforce Reporting banner naming conventions, favicons and logos

We have also rolled out changes to our Workflow and Workforce Reporting banners to align with our new brand and reflect our modern, client-centric ethos.

New Permanently Assign feature for SAM roster bookings

When running a roster directly in SAM for a single profile, a user can now permanently change the cost code, department, and employer via the Permanently Assign tick boxes.



Increased SMS character limit within the SAM Management page and Workforce Reporting SMS reports

We have increased the character limits to 1,600 within the SAM SMS Management page and Workforce Reporting SMS reports to reflect the maximum number of characters that can be handled by both systems.

However, we recommend sending messages up to 320 characters to ensure the best deliverability and user experience. A new tool tip has been added to indicate this.

Optimised Workflow Folio performance to prevent a system timeout

Requestors are now limited to selecting a maximum of four bookings to reschedule and add in a Folio document to prevent a system timeout. Requestors were previously able to select up to one year’s worth of bookings, which would result in system timeout issues before making any changes.

When a requestor has selected multiple swings and has only made changes to a single swing, the Folio document will automatically remove unchanged items from a submitted document to streamline processing for the final approvers.

When no changes have been made, the requestors will not be able to submit the document. This improvement ensures you can operate efficiently by not receiving documents that do not require changes.

Report data improvement for Cleaning Notes

We have enhanced SRF314 Cleaning Notes to display the Cleaning Observation subcategories and Cleaning Notes in separate columns. This data was previously combined in one column.

This improvement now allows for filtering of data by subcategory and cleaning notes.



Workflow Folio Reschedule optimised to prevent sequencing errors

Previously, transport sequencing errors would occur when a Folio reschedule document would add drive transports into the processing tab at the final approver stage. This error would appear when a requestor was rescheduling the booking IN flight, the booking OUT flight, and requesting a change of camp.

The Folio document will now handle this scenario and enable the final approver to process this request without issues.

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