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31 May 2024

Introducing our fresh, new user interface in Workflow and enhancing the SRF249 Workforce Report

V 6.3.47

Available from 3 June 2024


New features


Our new modern look in Workflow

We are pleased to announce that we have rolled out our new look in the Workflow user interface – modernising your user experience.

Your production environment will remain blue.



Your staging environment will remain purple.



Enhancing the SRF249 workforce report to assist with integration

To assist with data integration on profiles, the Workforce Report “SRF249 Resources On Site” now includes the database “ResID”.




Enhancing SAM UI for a better user experience

To enhance the look of SAM UI, we have addressed and implemented several UI changes. On the Transport Search page, we have reinstated highlighting fully booked and overbooked flights.



The SMS text box can be expanded to easily accommodate your message.



Previously, the “View roster bookings” hyperlink blended into the banner background. This has now been made more visible.



We have corrected the alignment of the fields below to match their counterparts.



Preventing sequencing errors for previously booked special charter flights

Users are no longer able to edit the event date of a special charter flight from a past date to a future date. This improvement will prevent sequencing errors from occurring within a traveller’s profile

Rescheduling multi-sector flights to single sector flight for the Qantas integration

When rescheduling a multi-sector flight to a new single sector flight, a new ticket number will be generated by QTS (Qantas). This latest enhancement will resolve a previous error where the QTS interface would not process a single sector flight.




Mobile phone number updates in SAM

When creating or updating a SAM profile with a mobile phone number, the system would previously add in spaces automatically, then reject that format and display an error. This has now been addressed and resolved.

Enhancing SAM UI for small laptop screens

Users with small laptop screens are now able to experience the full menu options presented in SAM.

Accommodation dates now match changes made for transport dates

A sequencing error would occur for a final approver on a folio reschedule document that made changes to transport dates. This has now been fixed and the Folio document will now update the accommodation dates to match these changes.

New error message implemented for unbooked Transport Manifest report dates

A Transport Manifest report could be run in SAM on any date, even if bookings were not placed on that selected date. We have applied a fix where a message will now display to indicate that bookings have not been made on that report date.


Workforce Kiosk application version 4.1.6

We are delighted to introduce the latest version of the Workforce Kiosk application. To experience these changes, users will need to update Workforce Kiosk on their mobile devices through either the Google Play or Apple Store.




Internal transports are visible for incoming flights

We have made visual improvements to Workforce Kiosk to now display internal (INT) transports for incoming flights. This will enable travellers who are booked onto INT transports to have improved visibility over their flight details.

Updated INX Software contact details

We have updated the contact details for our client support within Workforce Kiosk’s FAQ page.





Hidden flights are no longer visible in the mobile application

Previously, flights that were created in SAM with the intention of being hidden in Workforce Kiosk were incorrectly being displayed in the mobile application. Flights are now marked with DisplayInKiosk = false will no longer be displayed in the mobile application.

Removal of duplicate dates displaying for multiple INT transports

We have resolved an issue where duplicate dates would be visible on the continuous display for upcoming trips if multiple INT transports were placed on the same date.

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