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23 Jan 2023

Merge and register your contractor businesses

V 2.4.0

Available from 23 January 2023

INX Sitepass release 2.4.0 provides contractors administrators with new features to easily merge multiple business accounts, and easily register a new business directly from within the INX Sitepass application.


New features


Merge your contractor businesses with another business

INX Sitepass now allows administrators of multiple registered business accounts to consolidate their businesses and removing duplicate profiles. Under the Employers page in their Profile, a new ‘Merge Businesses’ button has been added. By clicking this button, the administrator can merge two of their businesses, merging all team members and workflows under one account.

This feature is only available for contractor business profiles and will only appear if at least one business account is eligible for merging.



Register a new contractor business

A business administrator will now be able to register a new contractor business account directly from within the INX Sitepass system. Simply navigate to the Employers page under your Profile, click the ‘Create a business’ button and enter the valid invitation code provided by your client. If the entered invitation code is valid, the system will prompt you for your business details such as trading name, business number, address to complete the registration.

The logged in business administrator will be assigned as the administrator for the new business account.



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