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07 Mar 2023

Redesigned invitation process with new central invite button

V 2.6.0

Available from 10 March 2023




Redesigned invitation process with new central invite button

We have released a new feature that makes it easier for administrators to invite their contractors, visitors, or team members to connect in INX Sitepass. This feature is accessible via the new ‘invite’ button, which is located in the left main menu of INX Sitepass.



By clicking on the ‘invite’ button, administrators can invite any user by selecting the role that they want to invite.



The invitation panel has been updated to make it more user-friendly, allowing users to either share the single-use or group invitation links and codes or by entering their email address of the person they wish to invite.



As part of the contractor business onboarding process, INX Sitepass has also included the invitation button in the connection wizard. When a contractor business is invited to connect and register, on the ‘invite a team member’ page, the administrator has the option to either add an already registered team member or invite new team members to register and connect in INX Sitepass.




The new ‘invite’ process demonstrates our commitment to providing a user-friendly experience for our clients and users. Sitepass makes it possible to manage your workforce compliance by ensuring every contractor, team member and visitor is inducted, onboarded and approved to enter any work site.

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