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24 Feb 2020

Logging, SSO capability, Window Services migration reliability and security improvements

V 6.2

Available from 24 February 2020


New features



We have introduced a new functionality that will record all logs and actions done in INX InForm. You can log all issues and bugs happening in the system, allowing us to provide better support and resolve issues quicker.

SSO Capability

Single Sign On (SSO) using the Auth0 platform is available.




Window Services improvements

We have improved the Windows Services to ensure that, in the case of an issue with the service, they will automatically restart and continue to function correctly.

Migration reliability improvements

We have updated the migration process. The software will ensure user migration only occurs once and better handle migration failures.

Security improvements

We have added and improved security around the API. Note: A requirement exists for SSL certificates (self-signed ok), even for Test environments.

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