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09 Feb 2024

SAM search displays relevant SRF report titles, enhanced SMS functionality for Workflow final approvers

V 6.3.43

Available from 9 February 2024


New features


SAM search displays relevant SRF report titles

The SAM search bar within the banner will now display the relevant SRF report titles, including whether the report is installed or not in your environment. To improve efficiency within INX SAM Suite, users who have access to SRF will be able to click on the SRF report they require and will be directed to this exact report within Workforce Reporting.



Users will also see a filter, so they can easily view their search results by Pages, Profiles, Parameters or SRF reports.



Experience enhanced SMS functionality as a Workflow final approver

A Workflow final approver can now send an SMS to a traveller from the Workflow document by clicking on the speech bubble next to their mobile phone number. Previously, this functionality was only available in SAM, and we have now introduced this into Workflow to facilitate direct communication between final approvers and travellers.



Improved reporting on specific resources

SRF179 Transport Details now includes report criteria /rids to allow a user to report on resources and imports a list of specific resources. This will allow audits for larger date ranges for specific resources only.




Accurate email subject lines for SRF163

When running a report for multiple camps, the email subject line for report SRF163 Arrival Departure 2 generates correctly.

Default value for custom drop-down fields

The default value for a drop-down field will now be set correctly when saving a newly created SAM profile.

External (EXT) transports improvement

We identified an issue when a traveller profile has a commute base set to an on-site location. This occurred when a confirmed transport was either rescheduled or removed and the system was creating a booking that contains accommodation items with no corresponding transport.

We have improved this functionality so the system no longer requires accommodation when booking multiple EXT transports.

Generating accurate room cleans

INX+Advanced Cleaning now correctly ranks a room clean when SAM reports on the NextArrivalDate for a room. This applies to the scenario where a room has a departure and an arrival on the same day, and the departure was due to a room move.

Internal transport bookings via Folio

A user is no longer required to select another camp for the internal booking period when using a Folio document to create an internal day trip inside of an existing IN/OUT booking.

Roster document improved validation

The completion of a roster document no longer confirms the roster into an inactive room. This was occurring when reactivating the traveller’s profile where an existing room was already allocated into that profile.

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