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08 Mar 2024

Virgin Australia Regional Airline No Show integration and new improvements in SAM and Workflow

V 6.3.44

Available from 8 March 2024


New features


Virgin Australia Regional Airline (VARA) No Show integration

The VARA airline integration has been extended to now include reporting No Shows directly into the SAM UI.




Changes to the Transport Types Active page in SAM

SAM users are no longer required to enter a “reason for change” when updating transport details for a date range on the Change Transport Times page. This aligns with updating an individual line via the schedule on the Transport Types Active page.

SAM administrators can access SRF111 parameters

The SAM parameters SRF111_NumberOfDayShift and SRF111_NumberOfNightShift can now be edited by a user who has the permissions of “SAM Admin”, “Flight Admin” and Accommodation Admin”. This is selected in their user account.

Grid filtering on parameter pages in SAM 

Users with access to parameters can now use a search filter on grids within the parameter pages at room type level. This will assist users when there is a large number of values within the grid on the parameter pages.

Workflow Folio document to honour the room type fill order

Folio document will honour the “Fill Order” rules set up in SAM for room types when the system is set to automatically pick rooms. This improvement specifically applies to a booking made to a different camp from  the Travellers camp in their profile.

Report data improvements for Cleaning Notes

SRF314 Cleaning Notes has been enhanced to add the occupant’s name to the report. There are two new columns on this report – previous occupant and current occupant. The previous occupant will refer to the last departure from that room and the current occupant will either be the arrival or the current occupant for that room on that clean date.

Waitlist visibility in Workflow Flight availability page

In Workflow, the Links | Flight Availability page now displays waitlist information for each flight. If the SAM parameter AllowWaitlistingOfTransport = Y, then two columns will be visible on the grid: Waitlisted Seats and Waitlisted Seats Avail.

  • Waitlisted Seats will display the number of resources waitlisted on this transport.
  • Waitlisted Seats Avail will display the number of waitlisted spots still available for this transport.

Please note that the transports must be configured to allow waitlisting and have a maximum waitlist number allocated.



Folio Document improvements on the day of arrival

Where an arrival is confirmed for today and a Folio document has been raised today to extend that booking on site, then Folio will retain the arrival room booking. This helps when the traveller has already checked into their arrival room, prior to the Folio document being approved.




Accurate reporting in SRF111 Drug And Alcohol

We have resolved the issue where the SRF111 Drug And Alcohol was generating the incorrect number of people as per the SAM parameters; SRF111_NumberOfDayShift and SRF111_NumberOfNightShift.

Assign room message

We have identified and resolved the issue when assigning a room in a profile. The system displays a message that they are about to assign a room to a resource that is not at their assigned camp, when the room is located at the users assigned camp. This incorrect message will no longer appear.

Profile completion dates

We have resolved the issue where SAM profiles completed with a date of tomorrow were incorrectly becoming deactivated immediately. These profiles will stay active and be completed on the date entered in the completion date field by the night audit.

Deactivating cost codes

We have resolved the issue, where a cost code could not be deactivated if it was used in a past group booking.

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