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New formatting options for the insights chart export functionality

V 10.0

View edit history of a published sample, edit laboratory report details and updates to duplicate samples in the chain of custody

V 9.0

Edit sample details in published runs

V 8.0

Edit monitoring run details in published runs, calculate median and MSL in reference standard for ground level

V 7.0

Site standard name update for monitoring categories

V 6.0

New monitoring program filter in laboratory parameter mapping rules

V 5.0

Increased parameter character length to 200 and view sample notes in insights table

V 4.0

Map parameters across systems, pre-define your report turnaround times, optional import of MDL and method fields and define alerts with more clarity

V 3.0

Remove outliers before exporting or creating a report and improved search functionality when selecting samples

V 2.0

Creating a laboratory report with a chain of custody, monitor sediment and add a calculated parameter to a suite

V 1.0

Individual stakeholders can be deleted, Sendgrid accepts emails and correct migration of documents and notifications

V 6.3.1

Bulk assign tasks and obligations, and streamline access and visibility

V 6.3.0

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