A leading aged care facility based in Victoria, Australia, with a large and diverse workforce in excess of 6,000 individuals, required a technical solution to manage the compliance and training of their contractors, volunteers, staff and visitors across 14 locations.

With the onset of Covid-19, having INX Sitepass in place enabled this aged care facility to respond quickly to related challenges that arose in order to protect their residents.

This project highlights how an organisation in aged care and INX Sitepass worked together to solve a compliance challenge as a result of changing legislation affecting everyone coming and going from their aged care facility locations.

The challenge

The aged care facility provider had an urgent compliance need to capture the flu immunisation status of both their existing contract workers and residential visitors prior to the revised COVID-19 government regulations came into effect on the 1st May 2020.

These regulations affect all individuals, whether contractors, workers or visitors that are entering an aged care facility site. The legislation requires that anyone entering an aged care facility is required to have and provide evidence of recent flu vaccinations. With the existing health and safety precautions that are being followed with COVID-19 minimisation, it is critical that all those visiting an aged care facility are aware of their responsibility to protect themselves and others around them.

This is not a new regulation rather an extended legislation as it was first made mandatory in 2017 for aged care workers to ensure their annual influenza vaccination compliance. As influenza remains a common cause of hospitalisation and death in Australia, The Australian Government refreshed this compliance to everyone that comes into contact with an aged care facility as of May 2020.

Our solution

Up until that point, INX Sitepass had only been used to manage contractors, but with INX Sitepass in place, the expansion to managing all visitors was made easy and quickly to deploy. Customised workflows were developed in INX Sitepass that required the capture of flu vaccinations. The custom workflows were assigned to all contractors and volunteers. New processes were put in place to include visitors. The feature speedily minimised confusion and downtime, providing a robust compliant solution to ensure the safety of their patients. Effective reporting and controls were put in place to ensure everyone has provided evidence of having had the mandatory flu vaccination.

The impact

Within a month of this newly implemented workflow, 686 aged care residence friends and family members were able to upload their vaccination information, allowing them to visit their loved ones.

“All your work and quick responses are appreciated. It makes this dreadful process easier,” said a Procurement and Contract Manager, Residential Aged Care facility group nationwide, Australia.

We understand the complexity within aged care and the overarching need to keep residents safe from the risk of spreading infection. As well as providing a fully integrated contractor management system, Sitepass can tailor individualised workflows to suit your contractor and visitor needs.

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