Since being established in Western Australia in 1933, CBH has continuously evolved, innovated and grown.

Its storage and handling system imports and exports around 90 per cent of the Western Australian grain harvest, regarded as one of the best in the world.

The CBH Group has total assets of more than A$2 billion and employs approximately 1,100 permanent employees and up to 1,800 casual employees during the harvest period from October through to January.

The challenge

After a major incident at one of their sites there was an urgent need for a contractor management system to mitigate future risk. Their immediate needs were to automate contractor information, verify their worker license records and ensure contractor inductions are reviewed and kept up to date.

As their requirements were complicated and INX Sitepass had the ability to address these specific needs, CBH Group signed up for the platform as one of the early adopters of the contractor management system during the year of INX Sitepass’ launch in 2012.

Our solution

The journey was a challenge as CBH Group had complex ongoing requirements. The high-level account management for onboarding through Sitepass was successful, offering CBH Group reassurance that their future contractor onboarding and management was set up for success.

Currently CBH Group has around 9,000 users accessing INX Sitepass spread across 150 sites.

The impact

The user base has grown alongside the business, accommodating its growing contractor management needs.

CBH Group has recently revamped the INX Sitepass configuration to pass on more responsibilities and ownership to their contractors. Some of the old configurations have been changed and some of the new functions in INX Sitepass have been put into good use. CBH Group has also put together around 160 inductions, one for each site. Any contractors working on a particular site, need to be inducted for that site as each has unique requirements. One size does not fit all here.

CBH Group is very happy with its relationship with INX Sitepass and as testament to this claim, is a dedicated referee for tenders.

Pain points

  • To mitigate future risk in contractor safety


  • Better system and management for contractors and workers across multiple sites
  • System that accommodates growing number of worker profiles and records
  • Automated contractor management system notifying of license and training renewals


  • Minimising future risk of incidents
  • Contractor ownership, reducing cost to business and empowering contractors to be self-sufficient in the management of their own worker documentation
  • Ability to adapt platform to better align with business needs as business grows
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