INX Sitepass partners with a global industrial property group that owns, develops and manages industrial real estate including logistics facilities, warehouses and business parks.

The property group investment partnerships give institutional investors access to specialist investment management services and commercial and industrial property assets. Employing 900 people worldwide this property services company is the largest global offering of its kind.

Our solution

Our INX Sitepass contractor management system was adopted in 2012 to address the needs of for managing its contractor workforce. Utilising INX Sitepass for contractor verification, induction card printing and the subscription system, INX Sitepass was implemented with initial roll out to 1,500 contractors.

  1. Verification

Verification is automatically done through Sitepass with an enabled auto verification in the system for all steps and records aside from individual licences that Goodman review manually.

  1. Induction card issue

The induction card is automatically issued once the induction training is successfully completed.

  1. Contractor cost

As per the pricing model, contractors pay to use the system and to cover the cost of their identification card, induction course, verification and available support.

  1. Online store

Contractors also have access to purchase online training through Sitepass’ eLearning store.

The impact

As of 2019, the business extended the use of the INX Sitepass platform to cover 6,000+ contractors. INX Sitepass continues to be a trusted contractor management solution for their entire workforce.

Pain points

  • Unmanageable manual contractor induction using spreadsheets


  • Single platform solution to manage all contractor induction and verification needs
  • Workforce training
  • Self-driven contractor emphasis


  • Full transparency over workforce
  • 90% reduction in administration
  • Contractor generated verification
  • Associated costs covered by contractor
  • Automated notification for licenses


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