Project overview

INX Sitepass partners with an extensive hospital and health service network that strives to maintain and improve the health and wellbeing of around 700,000 Western Australians.

The network regularly engages external contractors to work across its hospitals and health services.

The challenge

The hospital and health service network had a growing requirement to ensure all contacting companies, and its employees, are appropriately inducted to work within these facilities; and to ensure they have the required insurances and licences.

A hospital, part of the network, manages various contractors and needed a system to automate the contractor and worker information. Also, for the contractors to comply with the inductions. In summary, they wanted a single automated tool providing full transparency over the employed contractors. Upon completion of the induction process, verified contractors are to be issued with an induction card where notifications can be issued.

The solution

INX Sitepass provided a solution where all contractors and workers can register and complete the pre-qualification stage of the onboarding process. All contractor information, insurances, licencees and other mandatory information is managed on the INX Sitepass system.

The impact

All contractors and health staff have been set up on INX Sitepass.

After signing up for an initial three-year contract in 2015 and with the subsequent efficient implementation of Sitepass, the WA located hospital has renewed for a further five years. This was also extended to include other hospitals under the network.

Pain points

  • For all contacting companies and employees to be appropriately inducted
  • A system record required insurances and licences
  • Automated contractor & worker information


  • All workers and contractors set up on INX Sitepass
  • Easy to administer tool to register and complete pre-qualification stage of the onboarding process
  • Automated notifications for worker licenses and renewals


  • Peace of mind for managing worker and contractor compliance and mandatory information in a single place
  • Managing risk with automated notifications for renewals
  • Extended solution to other hospitals within wider network
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