Oil Search Limited is an oil and gas exploration and development company that was established in Papua New Guinea (PNG) in 1929.

  • Contract delivered 2012 – Current
  • Oil Search had a requirement to manage the competencies of their people, and need a system that would track and record the training activities of their workforce to clearly demonstrate competency
  • LogiCamms was tasked to develop and host an internal Training Management System with external Learning Management System capabilities accessible to company employees through individual logins over the internet

Our solution 

LogiCamms assisted with the preparation of a functional specification for the LMS. A review of current systems was undertaken to determine best system to meet minimum requirements (based on approved functional specification).

A number of additional tasks follow, which included writing procedures for use of the system and including all data entry requirements and validation process.


The implementation of the Training Management System (TMS) – INX InTuition allowed Oil Search to map the competencies of their workforce to demonstrate operational capability.

Future work

Utilising the Training Management System (INX InTuition), LogiCamms continues to be engaged in the Competency Assurance Program (CAP) where competencies for specific tasks are identified and follow-up training and assessment is developed and delivered.


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