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27 Sep 2023

Comment using our new speech-to-text feature, new improvements and fixes

V 3.0.2

Available from 7 November 2023


We are excited to announce INX Assessor Version 3.0.2. The product release is scheduled from 6AM AWST on Tuesday 7th November 2023. There will be a short period of downtime, and you may have intermittent interruptions during this period.

We recommend syncing mobile assessments before the release date to ensure a smooth transition to the upgrade. The current version of the INX Assessor mobile application will no longer be compatible after the release date, and the latest version of the mobile application must be installed on or after the 7th November 2023.

To upgrade or download the app, find INX Assessor on the Android or iOS app stores and simply select the relevant option.

The INX Assessor training program in INX Academy has also been updated to include content relating to the latest release.



New feature


Comment using our new speech-to-text option

When conducting simultaneous field assessments on-site and while on the move, it becomes crucial to document evidence and assessments with photographs and text. Speech-to-text technology now introduced in INX Assessor enables assessors to articulate essential insights and commentary during the evaluation of a worker’s competency. This approach enhances the context surrounding the photographic evidence collected, facilitating a more comprehensive assessment process.

Assessors now simply click the microphone button and speak, and our INX Assessor mobile application will transcribe them accurately and swiftly and enter them as comments against the assessment. This feature allows you to complete assessments in record time and reduce errors and improve the accuracy of comments entered against practical assessments.





Data referential integrity

We have made significant improvements to the database referential integrity for templates, forms, form images and comment records, ensuring even better data management and accuracy collected in INX Assessor.

Add roles to users who were previous an Assessor

Users in INX Assessor can now be assigned one or multiple roles including Training Admin, Subject Matter Expert, Workplace Manager and Assessor.  Previously, users would have to have separate user profiles for each role, but as part of this release it is easy to assign multiple roles to a single user profile.


Editing a user integrated with INX InTuition

Editing a user not integrated with INX InTuition



Sync primary emails from INX InTuition

We’ve made significant improvments to the synchronisation process for assessors and trainees in INX InTuition who possess multiple email addresses. This improvement now identifies and syncs the primary email address, and as a result, INX person profiles imported from INX InTuition no longer face rejection due to the presence of multiple email addresses, ensuring a seamless and successful synchronisation.

Image corruption check when saving templates

Whenever training administrators save a template, our system automatically checks the template images for any potential corruption to ensure templates remains free of issues.

New Trainee Profile Report URL

The Trainee Profile Report URL consistently populates for all newly onboarded trainees with INX Profiles. This improvement guarantees a smooth and precise reporting experience and empowers INX Assessor administrators to effortlessly access and review the role status details of new trainees via the INX InTuition platform. This enables them to ascertain whether the trainees have successfully fulfilled their training prerequisites.

See an accurate count of Form records

Training administrators will see an adjusted record count on the Forms page to provide you a more accurate and reliable total count of your Forms records. The total records count calculates once instead of when navigating between pages.

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