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Comment using our new speech-to-text feature, new improvements and fixes

V 3.0.2

Create, disable or revoke public API keys, confirmation pop-up and prompt for assessment rejection, new improvements and fixes

V 2.10.0

Auto removal of corrupt images and revised auto-PDF creation process

V 2.9.5

Improved INX InTuition API performance, revised Form Sync Alerts listings and resend single forms to award competencies

V 2.9.0

New Sandbox environment to test Public API, new background service to delete old assessment forms, new improvements and fixes

V 2.8.6

Removal of -Default text for Competencies, enhanced formatting in Additional Competencies and new fixes

V 2.8.5

Addressing issues identified in Version 2.8.0 release

V 2.8.4

Maintenance of major software library and database updates

V 2.8.0

New APIs, improved sync of Competencies and User API extension

V 2.7.0

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