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01 May 2020

Manage several accommodation types across multiple sites, new improvements and fixes

V 5.11

Available from 1 May 2020


New features


Manage several accommodation types across multiple sites with Accommodation Planning

You can manage a wide variety of accommodation types that may be distributed across multiple locations. Accommodation Planning enables managers and planners to enter staffing, roster and room requirements for upcoming projects and visualise whether there will be accommodation available at that time.

Planning considers the current staffing requirements (baseline) and proposed projects to compare accommodation supply with demand and highlight future shortfall. Once forecast demand has been secured, short term bookings can be made directly from the plan.


Bug fixes

  • Default page sizes do not revert on upgrades
  • Sort Person Profile attachments by date
  • Updates to accommodation no-show report
  • Updates to visibility of current person workgroup on check-in/check-out page
  • Cleaning rosters are now set to build if configured to be over the R&R period
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