In the fast-paced world of remote and high-risk workforces, solving FIFO logistics challenges with a solid travel plan is crucial for success.

Arriving at the airport without a flight booking or experiencing room availability issues could extend from a paper-based or complicated workforce management system.

This impacts how quickly you can mobilise your workforce and as a result, influence their morale and motivation to perform at their best.

Implementing an effective workforce management system helps navigate the turbulence of travel woes and puts you on track to success.

Are happy employees more productive employees?

This age-old question has been answered.

Forbes has published the results of a Social Market Foundation report, which found that happier employees are 20% more productive in the workplace than their unhappy colleagues.

This figure might appear small, but grows larger over a working year – 20% more productivity means more tasks being actioned, finalised, and likely helping your business outperform your competition.

The importance of a good workforce management system

Picture this. A contractor arrives at the airport to find that they do not have a seat booked for their flight. Now, they have to wait several more hours for the next one.

The tired and irritated contractor then arrives at their camp only to find that there isn’t a room available.

The lack of a well-tuned plan and a robust workforce management system is clear. It’s crucial for travel managers and onboarding teams to ensure their workforce’s arrival goes smoothly to avoid disappointment and frustration.

Room bookings are not just about comfort; it directly impacts your contractor’s ability to rest and recharge today in preparation for tomorrow’s challenges. The less rested they are, the less productive they’ll be.

This is where the INX SAM Suite emerges as a game-changer.

By centralising and automating travel management operations, it ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience for your workforce. With powerful integrations and rules-based automations, INX SAM Suite takes the stress out of travel logistics, enhancing the overall operational efficiency of your large and remote workforce.

The extra time provided by a satisfied and motivated workforce can be better utilised towards strategic endeavours. INX SAM Suite helps ensure your workforce encounters no faults during their travelling experience, ultimately increasing your team’s operational efficiency.

Accurately forecast for optimal utilisation and productivity

Foreseeing room and flight availability may seem far-fetched but travel managers can have the power to future-plan and allocate resources efficiently.

INX SAM Suite helps your team solve these forecasting challenges, enabling your workforce to operate at higher efficiency.

A productive workforce is a happier workforce, and the benefits from our intelligent solution ensure this.

INX SAM Suite utilises the power of the night auditor automation to ensure accommodation facilities are used efficiently, openings are identified, and rosters and transport schedules are automatically extended.

By accurately predicting demand and automating the forecasting experience, travel teams using our enterprise-level solution are able to optimise their assets and workflow – ensuring every room, flight, and workforce is operating at their full potential.

The less time your travel teams spend on general administration, the more time they can spend on their more time-consuming responsibilities.

The overall travel experience affects morale

A well-planned roster is a quick tool to build morale – higher morale means happier, healthier employees and increased employee retention.

Leaders must invest in their team where they can – helping prevent burnout and ensuring their team is working at the highest level of productivity.

Fortunately, INX SAM Suite automates a significant portion of planning responsibilities by providing rolling transport, accommodation and roster planning, as well as assisting with booking flights and generating itineraries.

After all, after a chaotic or complicated journey, low morale will quickly rear its head.

Technology can solve travel scheduling issues

Thankfully, solutions to these travel challenges are within reach.

Efficient travel scheduling is the cornerstone of mobilising a remote, product, and happy workforce, and INX SAM Suite functions as the organiser.

Imagine a scenario where every aspect of your workforce’s journey aligns seamlessly – from securing a timely flight to guaranteeing a room on arrival, all the while taking pressure off your travel team’s workflow. INX SAM Suite not only centralises these critical operations but also adapts to the unique needs and processes of your business.

Our enterprise-level solution leverages powerful automations like the night auditor to operate within a highly configurable travel management system, assisting with planning and forecasting to establish a highly mobilised and well-prepared workforce. Our intuitive software transforms the potential chaos of managing multiple sites into an automated and centralised operation, overall enhancing your team’s morale as they focus on their more critical duties.

The result? A workforce that arrives energised, motivated, and ready to tackle challenges head-on, owing their thanks to the intelligence of INX SAM Suite in optimising scheduling responsibilities.

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