People often see so many barriers to being health and safety compliant that they don’t even know where to begin. The problem of meeting safety and compliance requirements can seem complicated and knowing where to start.

The perception is the time required to get everyone and everything up to speed will leave little time for anyone to do their jobs correctly. It can seem like a lot of red tape – why do you need seemingly convoluted laws to tell you how to do the right thing?

The reality is that these laws are about establishing good practices based on guidelines and processes that have been proven to work. However, they aren’t a one-size-fits-all system.

In most cases, the laws are designed to ensure that you do what is necessary and appropriate for the size and nature of your business, yet much of the angst comes from not understanding that. Many people know that they have a health and safety duty in line with these laws but if you asked what they are, they likely wouldn’t know what exactly is entailed.

Trying to make sense of changing legislation and expectations can be rather confusing.

The first step in getting a compliant health and safety system in place is to do your research on what is required and why. The upside is that there are often business benefits to implementing good health and safety practices.

There are many examples of how keeping people safe also helps make a job happen more efficiently. For example, consider the use of scaffolding on a construction site. It takes time to erect it but once it’s established, it can be used by multiple trades and ultimately, reduce the overall time and cost of the job.

Nowadays, nobody should consider health and safety as too hard.

Our intuitive training solution – INX InTuition integration with Moodle – provides several ways to raise your workforce’s awareness of health and safety and ensures their understanding has been demonstrated and recorded.

Training your workforce in safe work practices doesn’t need to mean pausing your fundamental operations and incurring exorbitant fees to bring in facilitators and rent classrooms. Compliance courses can be delivered online and in small increments to provide foundational knowledge or just-in-time reinforcement.

Your workforce can undertake online courseware developed by your own instructional designers or third-party content developers that:

  • Focuses on the learner by offering interactive experiences designed with the end user in mind, the engaging and dynamic delivery methods appeals to all types of learners.
  • Provides quality learning outcomes through professional course development by instructional educators, using up-to-date content in line with current legislation and the best practice standards.
  • Assures compliance through the provision of up-to-date content to ensure your workforce is suitably trained and your risk and compliance management obligations are covered.

Find out how INX InTuition with Moodle integration can help you build an accountable and compliant workforce for your business’ needs and protect your reputation today.

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