Managing your workforce shouldn’t be like planning a family holiday.

For anyone coordinating a trip for a small group of people, keeping a spreadsheet of movements, booking flights one by one, and trying to coordinate diaries might be an acceptable solution.

But for your business? It is asking for trouble.

Yet we regularly see growing companies with remote workforces who still try to plan, schedule, book and update the travel plans for their teams using emails and Excel.

Just one change in a flight schedule can have a ripple effect that causes the same planning to be done and redone over and over.

Large remote operations wouldn’t dream of trying to mobilise their workforce using software, but many emerging and growing miners or remote operators don’t realise the value of making the switch.

Why use dedicated software to mobilise your workforce?

Flights change. Schedules shift. Workers need itineraries. Rooms need to be cleaned ready for new arrivals.

Managing those elements for a group of 20-50 is hard enough but in construction and expansion phases, many operators find themselves having to coordinate hundreds or even thousands of different requests.

Let’s not forget that many organisations also need to handle arrangements for short-term contractors and visitors on site, not just employees.

Using intuitive software to do the heavy lifting can make a big difference, and it saves time and improves operating efficiencies too.

Without a system that is built to manage this level of complexity, errors and confusion will creep in and can have a detrimental impact on logistics planning for a business.

This scenario can be avoided with clever software solutions like INX InFlight, which helps large organisations to manage complex logistics and safely mobilise their workforces.

Save time and reduce errors with the software major miners use

INX InFlight is trusted by Australia’s biggest resources companies.

It takes the complications out of planning by providing a centralised platform to manage operations and employee movements across multiple sites.

By providing a bird’s eye view of remote workforces, it helps businesses to save time, reduce errors in logistics planning, and improve the visibility of mobilisation plans.

Staffing rosters can be created, and changes managed centrally with a calendar providing an overview of any employee or contractor’s work status.

Flights and accommodation can be scheduled or booked automatically when an employee or contractor is assigned a roster, which helps to cut down on admin time.

Automatic notifications also advise you of any errors such as duplicate bookings or no accommodation availability so that solutions can be proactively arranged before the issue becomes a problem on site.

Personalised itineraries can be generated and made available via a mobile app or email and SMS messaging service so that everyone who is visiting site is fully informed.

Our software integrates with Serko and enables companies to manage commercial flights, which saves significant time as it allows hundreds of flights to be booked simultaneously.

Streamlining your mobilisation plans for your workforce is not just helpful to improve the day-to-day operations of your business.

It’s crucial to enable your business to respond rapidly to protect the safety of your employees in the event of a crisis, serious incident or severe weather events.

Emergency management planning and reporting can be captured centrally through INX InFlight to support the demobilisation and remobilisation of workforces. Our workforce management solution can also maintain historical records of transport and flight bookings to help with contact tracing.

For example, INX InFlight was used to demobilise more than 3,000 employees at short notice from a mine in Africa after a COVID outbreak.

Having streamlined systems in place – and a means to communicate quickly with your workforce – can make a big difference to how you respond in a crisis.

Mobilising a large workforce is made easy with INX InFlight

INX InFlight makes mobilising and managing a remote workforce sound easy, because it can be.

Our clients operate in complex and fast-paced industries, and they trust us to support their operations by providing intelligent and responsive software solutions to meet their needs.

INX InFlight is highly automated and configurable, meaning it can accommodate the unique planning needs of large organisations to safely mobilise their workforces.

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