COVID-19 has impacted the shape in which we operate, particularly how we connect with one another given the ongoing risk of infection spread.

Across the workforce infection minimisation has been enforced with the Government’s COVID-Safe Plan that provides a standard and offers guidance. In an earlier blog, we focused on this topic providing pointers to best implement changes in your workplace to protect your people:  ‘After Covid-19.  How you can prepare your workforce.’

Tackling the management of visitors and different workers on site has become increasingly challenging in these COVID times.  The need to monitor an individual’s movements, manage social distancing by limiting the number of people, as well as capturing contact information in case of infection has become an essential business need.

The importance of contactless sign-in to meet the needs of a COVID-Safe economy

Control and visibility are paramount, and to meet these needs, Sitepass provides a digital contactless solution that allows an organisation to implement:

  • Pre-registration of all visitors
  • Controlling the number of people on site
  • Delivering important information about changes in processes, social distancing rules or work instructions
  • Provides a seamless sign-in so there’s no need to share devices or pens that could lead to infection transmission, and
  • Monitors a persons movement across all locations.

It doesn’t matter what your type of business is, the number of sites you need to manage or the number of people you need to monitor. The Sitepass solution is simple to use and to setup.  We have outlined detailed a journey map to show you what the end-to-end contactless sign-in process could look like.

Pre-registering visitors

1.     Invite your visitor

Contactless sign-in starts with inviting your visitors.  Personal invitations allow you to invite individuals by email and select the date, time and location they are required to physically attend the site. Group invites provide a link that you can share with your visitors on your website or or add into your calendar invites so they can preregister before they plan to go to site.

2.     Receive and accept the invitation

With a personal invitation an email will be sent to the visitor.  The email will contain a calendar invite with the date, time, and location they need to attend, and a button for them to complete pre-registration and an induction.

3.     Visitor registers their details

Clicking on the ‘Start visitor induction’ button in the invitation takes the visitor to the pre-registration page.  From this page the visitor is required to provide their name, email address, contact number and employer name.   This contact information is critical if an infection occurs on site.

4.     Select date time and location

The date, time and location the individual plans to go to site will be selected.  For group invitations the date and location for the visitors will be pre-selected.

5.     Complete an induction

Delivering online inductions to visitors is an effective way to deliver critical business information such as work instructions, social distancing rules or health and safety information.  Sitepass allows you to deliver one or multiple inductions to visitors with video, assessments, images and text. These can be easily adapted to cater for the needs of each site.

6.     Complete pre-registration

With completion of the pre-registration process, the visitor can now go to the site and sign-in.  The visitor will be issued with a Sitepass account and can login to Sitepass to access their profile for future visits.

Visitor arrives on site


1.     Use your mobile device and scan the QR code 

For each location a QR barcode can be printed and placed on a wall or at the front desk.  Each visitor can use their mobile device to scan the QR barcode to sign in, which eliminates the need to touch a kiosk or pen that is likely to have been used by others. The latest mobile devices allow you to scan the QR code using the camera making it quick and easy to sign in.

2.     Select sign in

To sign in simply click the sign in button.  If pre-registration is required, all new visitors will be unable to sign in and will receive an email with instructions to preregister.  Controlling the number of people on site to manage social distancing is easily managed by setting visitor limits.  Set the number of visitors allowed on site, and the system will deny visitors signing in until someone has signed out.

3.     Provide your details 

Preregistered visitors will simply be required to enter their email to sign in.  For all new visitors, they will be required to enter their name and contact information.

4.     Complete the sign in form

Sign in forms are very powerful way to capture information about each visitor and deliver information about such as a site map, videos or instructions.  Gather information to help with your visitor screening, such as their reason for visiting, the tools or equipment they intend to use or their job reference.

5.     Select a host

Hosts will receive a notification that the visitor has arrived.  Hosts are an additional level of verification and can be setup to approve each visitor.

6.     Sign-in at site

Site managers, office managers and security staff can monitor all visitors who have been invited and signed-in to site using the visitor dashboards and reports.

Visitor leaves a site

1.     Use your mobile device and scan the QR code

Signing out follows the same process as signing in.  Visitors can use their mobile device to scan the QR barcode at each location.

2.     Select Sign Out 

To sign out, select the sign out button.  If the visitor has not signed in, they will be unable to sign out and will be directed to the sign in process.

3.     Complete the Sign Out form

Sign out forms allow you to capture information from visitors when they sign out such as any safety issues on the location, job or tasks undertaken or general feedback about their visit.

4.     Sign out at site

Sign out is now complete, making it the end of the onsite contactless visitor journey.

5.     Monitor signed out visitors

Using the visitor dashboard and searches, digital records are easily accessible for all visitors where contact details, submitted forms, and the date, time and duration they were on site can be referenced.

Start your journey and trial the contactless site sign-in

A contactless sign-in solution has your people and visitors covered, freeing up time for your core operational business activities while ensuring risk minimisation.  Sitepass is free to trial. Sign up and get started in minutes!

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