The Government announced it will be expanding the current COVID-19 prevention check-in scheme from this month in New South Wales. From the 12th July onwards it will be compulsory to use the QR Code check-in service to monitor contact tracing.  This affects businesses and individuals.

Understand what types of businesses are affected under this scheme expansion where the key objective is to ensure check-in rates reflect footfall, and that contact tracers have reliable data to work with.

NSW Police and Health officials will monitor adoption more intensely with these revised rules.  Penalties will be applied to businesses that breach the Public Health Act 2010.  Non conformance will be deemed a criminal offence.

Public health order penalties

Retailers have reported aggressive behaviour from the public over the rules that have not been wholly clear. Therefore, public awareness and education is vital to minimise confusion and improve safety.

High fines denote the seriousness of the scheme. For businesses, imposed penalties are up to $55,000 and for each day the offence continues, a $27,500 fine can be applied. Not only that, temporary closures are a real risk for businesses not taking the new measures seriously.

For individuals, the maximum penalty is $11,000, or imprisonment for 6 months, or both. A daily fine of $5500 for continued breaches may also be applied. The NSW Police are authorised to issue on-the-spot fines of $1000 to those that are deliberately not using the QR check-in system.

For visitors without a smartphone, paper based check-in forms must be provided.

COVID-Safe QR check-in versus your own solution

Have you completed a COVID-19 Safety Plan for your business?

Register your business as COVID Safe is the NSW Government registration process if you are not yet registered. An independent visitor management system to monitor and manage visitors and staff is a completely acceptable alternative that will add wider business value and insights.

Visitor management tools such as Sitepass go one step further and provide peace of mind needed in these unpredictable times. Learn what best suits your business needs; a Government provided solution such as the NSW COVID Safe Check in, or implementing your own solution.  Understand the differences and benefits to suit your individual business needs for now – also as your business evolves and your needs change.

INX Sitepass helps navigate visitor management challenges with solutions created for modern businesses – and their people.

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