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28 Aug 2023

Introducing INX Academy and new fixes

V 5.16.3

Available from 28 August 2023



Introducing INX Academy 

Our new online training platform is here, with INX Academy now appearing on the landing page. This provides you quick and easy access to our comprehensive training program that can help your workforce better protect people and the planet.

Don’t have access to INX Academy yet and want to learn more? Speak to your Account Manager today.


Bug fixes

Deleted cleans are no longer displaying in the Cleaning Schedule Report

We found deleted cleans were displaying in the Cleaning Schedule Report as a result of historical deleted cleans being retained with in the INX+Advanced Cleaning integration. This will ensure the correct data is displaying within your Cleaning Schedule Report.

Recognition of 0439 numbers in INX InFlight Mobile 2.0

Our phone number libraries have undergone a thorough update to ensure they recognise the 0439 range numbers and include up-to-date phone number sequences, meaning users can be provisioned smoothly.

Update Person details seamlessly while using our Moodle integration 

If you have our INX InTuition integration with Moodle activated, you can now update Person details in an existing INX profile without the system creating duplicate Moodle usernames.

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