Jaimie Godden, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

The first quarter of 2024 has raced by for the team at INX Software, as it likely has for most of our valued clients too.

We hope it has been a positive and productive start to the year for your business, and that you feel energised and prepared for the months ahead.

INX Software strives to be more than a vendor, but a partner to helping you achieve your goals and adapting with you as your business plans change or evolve throughout the year.


Adapting to your changing business needs

When we are talking with clients, we are often speaking to people at the coalface — those whose daily job depends on a detailed understanding of a particular process, whether that is the risk protocols at their mine site or the movements of your employees to remote locations.

Our role is to support you as subject matter experts to make that process or activity more reliable and efficient using intuitive software.

It’s one of the reasons why we believe that when you are working with a software provider, you need someone who understands your challenge — and can figure out how best to configure the solution to fit.

We will never be as expert as you in your field, but I’m always impressed by how our teams listen, understand and then help clients chart a path to a solution.

We know that businesses are constantly changing, and new challenges can crop up from time to time.

I’d encourage you to have a chat about whether we can configure our product to be more in line with your needs as they change, or if there are other ways we can assist.

Our team is committed to giving you the right support, feedback, and updates, as your needs evolve, which is why we are trusted by many of the world’s biggest companies.


Growth in digital investment

One of the key trends shaping our sector in 2024 is the growing demand from large, complex and remote operations for precision software that is tailored to the needs of specific industries.

Whether it’s mining, construction, energy, or infrastructure, these sectors face unique challenges — and we have seen growing interest in the first quarter of this year for innovative options.

This trend also extends beyond our shores with a recent report by Gartner revealing that 61% of businesses plan to increase their technology investment in 2024, compared to 44% in 2023.

A key driver behind the growth in digital investment is the need to switch to more secure and reliable software platforms, especially in the wake of the cyberattacks that disrupted many industries in 2023.

We understand the importance of security and compliance, and that’s why we offer robust and scalable solutions that protect your data and assets, and we are excited to share new security features in our imminent INX IGNITION 2024 release.


Improving productivity and efficiency

Another key motivator identified in the Gartner report is the need to improve productivity and efficiency in a more complex and competitive world.

Whether it is a post-pandemic productivity lag or just challenges posed by the increasingly complex way we work, businesses need software platforms that can help them optimise operations, reduce costs, enhance safety, and achieve sustainability goals.

We are proud to be at the forefront of providing such solutions, with our suite of products that cover workforce managementhealth and safety, and environment.

If you are looking for a digital software solution that can help you to better manage and protect your business in 2024, let’s have a conversation about our suite of intuitive solutions.

Thank you for your continued partnership with INX Software this year. As the first quarter draws to a close, we hope all our clients have a successful year ahead.

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