Jaimie Godden, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

In the tech sector, the relentless pursuit of new accounts often overshadows the nurturing of existing relationships.  

There’s an ‘earn, burn and churn’ mentality that values client acquisition above long-term recurring clients, but at INX Software, we’ve deliberately charted a different path. 

When we began our reinvention journey a few years ago, we identified that there was an urgent need to strengthen our relationships with current clients.  

This choice wasn’t just strategic; client relationships help us build an in-depth understanding of what complex businesses need, so we can align innovation and changes in our software and ensure we remain competitive. 

This journey, though rewarding, has not been without its challenges. We’ve faced tough conversations and acknowledged past missteps, using these experiences to reimagine our approach to client service.  

I personally take many of the calls, but as a Chief Sales & Marketing Officer that’s a rare privilege — to be able to hear directly from your client about where they think you could do more.  

Today, our business has been reshaped to make client-centric behaviour central to our identity as a company. 

To make this shift tangible, we’ve implemented several initiatives: ‘Co-Labs’ enable us to understand our clients’ perspectives, while reinvigorating our active online community within Canny encourages dialogue and idea exchange concerning our tech stack.   

We’ve also ramped up face-to-face time with clients and continue to co-design features and solutions based on client feedback, all while keeping the lines of communication open. 

The pivot towards nurturing client relationships has solidified our position and enabled us to build trust – which we believe remains a key differentiator in the competitive landscape of the tech industry. 

But we know that we can’t rest on our laurels. We are actively improving our client experience. 

So here’s my call to all our clients: I know there’s more we can do, and we’re all ears. Your insights matter to us. Your trust keeps us going.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. 

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