We are delighted to announce INX Sitepass has been awarded for an Excellence in HCM Technology Award!

INX Sitepass is an online platform that allows organisations to manage their evolving needs of their changing workforce. Sitepass helps organisations prequalify, onboard, verify and monitor their entire workforce from contractors, employees, volunteers and visitors providing a single platform delivers complete transparency over their workplace risk, safety and compliance.

In 2020 the HCM Technology Awards Program introduced new categories and a new program area; The Future of Work and we were awarded Best Advance in Emerging Management Technology.

The purpose of HCM’s additional categories this year has been to recognize excellence in the field while sharing best practice.  Sitepass, together with HCM are dedicated to continuous improvement and we seek better ways to serve our customers and the broader community.

HCM recognized the importance of acknowledging excellence in this growing arena where contractors are becoming the majority of the workforce, globally. As stated on the Brandon Hall website, the driving force behind these additions is due to:

Ongoing societal and business disruptions compel organisations to rapidly prepare for the future of work and the ‘new normal’. The new Technology Awards program area and categories focus on the technologies, programs, strategies modalities, processes, systems and tools that organisations use to navigate the current and future state of the workplace. New categories specific to crisis management include the tools and technologies organisations deploy to enable the workforce, including those used during the COVID-19 pandemic and other global and domestic crises.

In this unprecedented year, Sitepass has partnered with organisations to assist with critical challenges that have arisen due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  This has been largely around the controlling access and managing contact tracing.

This prestigious gold award is testament to our passionate team and unwavering dedication in providing design led contractor management solutions for today’s workforce.


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